Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Back on Course

The second day we arrived I took Dickie for a spin in the outdoor. The giant amazeballs outdoor. It was windy and I hadn't been on him in a month so it wasn't my wisest choice but he was a good boy. He snorted and wanted to look everywhere but where he was going but I can't blame him. The place is gorgeous and I keep gawking myself. 

Today it was hotter than hell. Those of you in hot parts of the world wouldn't care but I'm a delicate flower. I spent my summers in Alaska growing up and most of my free time in an ice skating rink. If it hits 80 I feel like I might pass out. I decided to hit the trails rather than swelter in the arena in the hopes we could find a little shade. 

The property is on 80 acres and most of it is for riding. There's a gravel access road around the property so the footing is great at all speeds.

The first part of the loop runs along a huge grassy field that was just mowed. It was killing me not to go the long way around the far side of the field but I didn't want to over do it on a hot day. 

The loop ends in the prettiest fruit orchard. I picked an apple and fed it to Dickie from his back. I realized I've never fed Dickie a treat that way. Bre and I used to ride along the Oregon trail remnants were there were old cabins and apple orchards. She was so used to me feeding her that way she'd slam on the brakes and eye ball me if I even leaned over to check my girth. 

We were both sweaty by the end but he still had tons of gas. He was spunky and asking to trot and canter the whole way. He's turning into such a fun horse. Last year just getting him around the arena was an accomplishment. These days I can hop on without even lunging. He strides out on the trail by himself brave as can be. I'm such a lucky horse owner.