Saturday, July 27, 2013

Eye Candy

Dickie showing he can trot under saddle
Ho de dum. I'm a mellow boy 
My cute little student. Learns how to post four weeks ago, putting a horse in dressage frame already. 
Loving the little girl enjoying the sunny summer. 

Long time no blog

This summer has been crazy (in good ways) so I haven't found time to blog. And when I did get on blogger all I wanted to do was catch up on you guys. I don't kneel where exactly to start. At this point I am not riding as much because the little red mare I was on is getting ridden a ton (other lessons horses are sick or lame) and the little grulla mare is getting a workout too. My friends daughter has been riding the little red Arab and there's a good chance she will buy her. It has been a blast teaching her. I forgot how much I like teaching. It almost makes me wish I had a few more students but I don't have my own barn and I surely don't have the time to travel to someone's house.

Dickie is coming along nicely. It's been hot (for this region) and he isn't in the mood to be exciting when it's been hot for a few days. I trotted him in the big arena for the first time. It's super distracting there with the open walls and attached paddocks so the previous attempts were les than successful laden with leaps and bucks. He is a funny guy. He does really well when you push him to something new then totally walk away from the new thing. He might throw a tantrum but when you come back to it all of he sudden he knows how.

One thing I noticed is my crap ass riding isn't helping him. It's been so long since I have ridden a horse that doesn't know leg means go so I keep getting all naggy w my legs. I also need to drop my stirrups a hole or two so I can be more affective. Until now I have been in defensive mode so I anted the security of a short stirrup. I am hoping to ride him outside a bit because inside is boring both of us. However he hasn't quiet proved his safety yet. I might try it next week.

I will keep you posted. I would post pics but blogger won't let me from my iPhone. Does anyone know how?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dickie's Brother is in Kill Pen and needs help

Dickies brother showed up in a kill pen in enumclaw Washington last week. I saw his picture and thought "boy that could be his twin". I later found out it is his brother. He has he same sweet face. The scheduled date for him to ship to slaughter is tomorrow. The rescue that saved Dickie from the same fate is raising bail money to take him on. He's a gorgeous horse but is a cryp stud so he will be a more expensive rehab than usual. If you can even spare a few dollar to donate to his rescue this guy will greatful. Pony Up would be the best place for him because they will ensure he gets the surgery he needs and the training to be a good equine citizen.

Take a look at the link above. He's a hunk. The PayPal to donate is The rescue is certified tax deductible. If they raise more than bail it will go to gelding surgery.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Recap of Since We Last Met

I think the last time I posted I had just broken my toe. I had a wonderful vacation. I didn't go anywhere but I was able to catch up on school work and ride a ton. I have been riding the cutest little arab mare who is up for sale. She has been used in lessons but prefers having just one rider. I wanted to have something to ride to get into shape for Dickie. Riding and showing Lady will help her get a better home and it has been a blast for me.

The stable also acquired a little Fjord cross named Belle. She is going to be used as the beginner pony for kids and adults. She is as stout as draft and could carry a larger adult. She is also not much bigger than a pony and smooth as silk so she will be a perfect confidence booster for kids and adults alike. Belle is calm and very good natured but as green as they come. A friend at the barn is riding Belle too and in no time she will be ready for lessons. She has the perfect mind for a lesson horse.

My toe just got feeling better about a week ago. I didn't want to ride Dickie when I wasn't feeling 100%. I have to move fast with with that guy and didn't think it was a good idea to start out with a handicap. He has been back in work and I got on him for the first time in a month yesterday.

Finally to the Liebster Blog...

Hi All!! I am back. I have been well (more on that later) just very busy. I was lucky enough to be nomited by both Allison at Adventures with Shyloh and Amber Rose at The Way to Heaven is on Horseback. If you haven't already please take a second to visit those blogs. They are two of my favorites and I have missed catching up over the last few weeks. 

How to accept the award:- 

The Liebster Blog Award is a way to recognise blogs who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word that means beloved and valued! Here are the rules for accepting the award:-
1)Thank the person who nominated you and include a link back to their blog.
2)List 11 Random Facts about yourself.
3)Answer the 11 questions given to you.
4)Create 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate.
5)Choose 11 bloggers with 200 or fewer followers to nominate and include links to their blogs.
6)Go to each blogger's page and let them know you nominated them!

Here are the questions from Amber Rose:

1) Do you have a camera?: I don't anymore. I used to have a little digital kodak but lost it. 2) If so what make and model?: I just use my trusty iphone these days. It isn't as fancy as some cameras but it has the benefit of always being ready to go. 3) When did you first start riding?: I started when I was 20 years old. I started as a working student with almost zero experience. I still don't know why she took me on. 4) Have you always loved horses and had them in your life, or is it something that you started later in life?: I had a few lessons when I was nine and went on a few rental horse trail rides but other than that I didn't start until I was 20. I always wanted to ride and ready every horse book I could get my hands on. 5) What's your favourite colour for your horse?: I love them all. My favorite would have to be bay or chestnut. I have both right now. I always wanted a bay and my family had owned every other color possible (except for paint) so I was excited when I ended up with a bay. 6) When you were little what were your equestrian dreams?: I wanted to grow up and be an eventer. I was never interested in western 7) Other than riding what do you spend your spare time doing?: Reading, spending time with my partner in the outdoors, and working on my garden. 8) What is your favourite job to do at the stables/yard/barn?: Cleaning and organizing the tack room. You wouldlnt' know it to look at my area most days because I get so busy it all ended up in a pile. However, I am in heaven when I get a few free hours to organize and clean. 9) What is your least favourite job to do at the stables/yard/barn?: Moving hay. I hate being hot and itchy. That added with my bad back make this the most terrible job I can imagine. I still have nightmares over throwing bales from the field onto the back of the truck in 100 degree weather. I am a wimp I know but I don't care. 10) Which famous horse and rider team inspire you the most?: Right now it would have to be Courtney King Dye. For those of you who don't know he she is, Courtney rode on the US olympic dressage team in 2008. She trained under Lendon gray and Klaus Blakenhol. In 2010 her horse tripped and she suffered a traumatic brain injury because she was not wearing a helmet. She has spent the last 3 years learning how to walk, talk, and ride. She will never ride GP again and may never trot a horse again. She recently decided that she found it more rewarding to teach than to push herself to ride. I find her inspiring in many ways. First of all her advocacy for helmet use has changed the face of riding. It was after her fall that US dressage riders began wearing helmets and I doubt it would be a USDF requirement today were it not for Courtney. I am also inspired that she has continued to be involved with horses long past her ability to be competitive. That shows a true love for horses. It has to be heartbreaking to be faced with what could have been every day yet she chooses to keep coming to the barn and be involved any way she can. 11) If you could meet any famous horse dead or alive, real life or from a story who would it be?: It would be my Belle horse. She was my first horse and changed my life. She died of colic when I was living in another state and it broke my heart that I never got to say goodbye. I would love to see her one more time. 

These questions are from Allison...

The eleven questions I created:
  1. How did you get into horses?: I had always wanted to ride and never grew out of it. When I first become ill with bipolar disorder I wasnt' able to work and had to take time off college. I felt very lost because I had always been a busy and academically driven person. I recently had to quite figure skating due to injury so I decided I would give riding a try. A local trainer said I could help get horses ready for their lesson program then I moved up to a working student going to clinics with her and grooming her horses. 
  1. What other animals do you have?: A little naughty Pomeranian and a cat. I also consider my family's Aussie mine because I helped raise him from a puppy. 
  2. Do you board your horses or keep them at home?: I board them. As much as I love my horses I also like living in the city. 
  3. How do your friends/family/significant other feel about your horse obsession (because we all know, we are obsessed)?: She tolerates it just fine. She even comes to brush them with me but thinks they are big and scary. She isn't convinced being drug to horse shows would be very fun though. 
  4. What is your favorite non horsey thing to do?: BBQing with my BFF and partner. 
  5. What is the weirdest thing you ever tried to feed your horse? Did your horse like it?: We called my first horse Belle a garbage disposal. She ate gummy bears, turkey sandwiches, popcorn, bananas. If it was going in your mouth she felt entitled to it. 
  6. What is one thing with horses that you would like to try that you have not done?: I have always wanted to try playing polo. Luckily the polo fields by Bre are having begginer lessons. I would also love to try joustingn (the kind where you aim your joust at targets). 
  7. Describe your horse in three words.: Bre- Shiny, Loving, Smart Dickie-Goofy, Energetic, Happy
  8. Borrowing this from another: Barefoot, boots, or shoes?: Both: Bre has shoes, Dickie is barefoot. 
  9. Supplements? Yay or neigh?: If I don't need them then I won't use them. Dickie doesn't need anything. Bre on the other hand gets anything and everything. 
  10. Did anyone else have a hard time coming up with 11 questions? I am sure I will.....
Ok now I have to nominate someone. I feel like there was a rush on nominating so I am sorry if you were already nominated!! Feel free to just skip answering a second time. Also, if you haven't seen these blogs yet please stop in. They give a variety of perspectives on the addiction we call horses. 

Here are my questions for y'all
1. What is your favorite type of riding?
2. Have you ever ridden on the beach?
3. What is your favorite horsey memory? 
4. Is it a family affair? If so who else in your family rides?
5. Is there a type of riding you always wanted to do?
6. What is your most memorable fall?
7. Do you have a best riding buddy?
8. What is the most ill advised thing you have ever done on horseback?
9. Where do you see your riding in five years?
10. Who is your most inspiring horse person (can be famous or someone you know)?
11. Gelding or Mare?