Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Some Good News

Dickie's loose stifles resolved with the appropriate work but circumstances prevented us from continuing (crazy barn owner followed my own hip problems). Even out of shape he remains a far more forward and eager participant in the riding process. 

I've done my homework in loose stifles and his seems to be a mild case. A less saavy horse person (I'm referring to my trainer not me) probably wouldn't have even caught it. More than one person thought his attitude about turning or going forward was just him being opinionated or a baby thing. And it's not unheard of for Dickie to be very very opinionated. He's overall agreeable but when he has something to say he wants to be damned sure someone listens. 

I was feeling pretty good about the whole thing but in my research I noticed that most people got films to rule out a bone chip. His symptoms made it highly unlikely but it's been in the back of our minds. Since I'm going to be out with an injury this would have been a good time for Dickie to recuperate too. Did you catch the would have been. That's right. NO BONE CHIPS! He doesn't have any signs of joint dysfunction in either stifle. The vet was really happy with the films. His joints are so dang big that it was easy for even me to see what she was pointing out. YAY! 

I didn't realize how worried the recesses of my mind were until I heard to vets verdict. She said looks like an immature 4yo (not joint wise but muscle wise) so he still has a lot of room to fill out. 

I feel pretty confident we will come back from this time off with a vengeance. Five months will let him fill out more. He's solid in his training so I'm not worried about a nut ball when I get back on. He can sit for two weeks then pack injured out of balanced me on a trail ride without lunging. He's still like driving a drunk at times but he's not stupid and he has all the basics. It's not like he won't get handled. As soon as I'm steady on my feet he can go walking with me and I'll start a lunge program. Maybe I'll actually do some serious longe lining since we have beautiful trails. 

* Photos aren't me. They are my friend'a adorable daughter who I steal to go riding. 

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  1. That is fantastic news!!!!!!! The same thing has been on my mind but I don't have the money for x-rays. Hopefully I will soon though. Keep your fingers crossed Chrome has normal stifles too please. Oh and may I say that is the most adorable face on that last picture! What a ham!