Friday, January 9, 2015

Grateful for 2014

**Pictures of the Spotted Princelet are chronological from 2014.

2014 definitely had it's rough patches. From the crazy barn owner who decided to lock up every one's tack unless we wanted to hand over some as collateral (she decided everyone was leaving without giving notice, we weren't BTW), to the nagging back/hip issues that culminated in surgery, family illnesses, and a car accident.

 I would be lying if I didn't admit I have been in a bit of a melodramatic pity party. However, the majority of the time I just keep thinking about how lucky I am. I am lucky to have a great job that pays well. I had disability benefits to cover the first surgery and a boss who took it easy on me when I came back. 

Being unable to work let me spend time with my step dad. He's such an amazing guy and I wouldn't be what I am today without him. I am so fortunate that both my parents married amazing people. 

I have a girlfriend who took time off and waited on me after surgery. I would have gone stir crazy without her. She watched hours of really stupid tv, put my pants on for me, and brought me snacks. My step momma hauled me to PT appointments and friends checked in on my horses. 

I found a wonderful trainer who is also a friend with a heart of gold. I had months where I couldn't do much more than sit around and she put up with drive buys to watch her ride and let me tag along on horsey adventures. 

I have friends who checked on my ponies, sat around on the couch with me, and kept calling even though I am not up to doing much beyond seeing the horses and resting. 

My barn situation started out rough but I landed at paradise just before surgery sidelined me. We have been at Sherwood for seven months now and I still can't find anyone wrong. He has a giant stall (14x12+), it's bedded so deep it looks clean even in after a night, he has daily turnout (real turnout, not the "oh we turnout" then as soon as winter hits they are in everyday), he has HUGE turnout. He's so happy there I don't think he has noticed my absence. 

I am soooo thankful for Dickie. He hasn't always been easy but he's turning out to be a fine young citizen. I can hop on him after weeks of not being ridden. The most excitement I get is the occasional scoot when he spots a horse coming towards the arena. I don't need to lunge him first. He will take my crippled self on the trail in the pouring rain and wind. I might get a snort or a prance here or there but nothing that requires any skill to stay with. 

I am pretty damned lucky the way I look at it. 


  1. He is so handsome!! I think 2014 was a pretty crappy year for most of us. Hopefully the year ahead is full of good stuff!

  2. I love that last picture of the two of you. He looks so handsome! I once boarded at a place that when I gave notice they stopped feeding my horse and locked up my stuff. Not fun.

  3. Very lucky if simply for the fact you have your sweet horse. He's so awesome! I'm glad things are looking up. 2014 was definitely rough, but you came through it stronger and you're staying positive so it's all good. :D