Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Helmet Has Arrived

My new Lami-cell helmet arrived. I LOVE it. I am a hard fit. I also get headaches very easily. Even my glasses give me a headache. Baseball caps are cute but kill me. I have a huge head and it is a weird shape. I remember when I first started riding Troxel was pretty much the only option. Troxels don't fit my head at all. If I get one big enough not to squeeze my brains out it won't stay on my head. Then I had a skull cap made by international that was decent but roasted me. Now we have so many options that it is mind boggling. There is zero excuse not to were a helmet. I am sure that people reading this will come up with excuses but none are worthy. Every six months or so a riding friend knows someone who was killed or seriously injured from riding. And none of the injuries I have close hand knowledge of have been jumping. They have all been people tooling around western. 

If you don't wear a helmet you aren't just putting yourself at risk. If you are injured or killed the costs will be astronomical. What will happen to your family? Who is going to take care of your kids, your wife, your husband? Who is going to take care of your horse? Do you think your family is really going to put your horse as a priority when they have millions of dollars in medical bills. And in this current economy the odds of your horse getting a good home aren't great. 

Yes, helmets only protect your head. There are a million other injuries you can incur from a fall. For the most part though if you survive other injuries you have the capability of returning to normal functioning. Head injuries are different. Even when your body repairs itself you might never be you again. I have seen how heartbreaking traumatic brain injuries are. A young healthy man living in a group home, former doctor commits suicide because he can no longer practice, wife taking care of a husband who will never be able to work again (yes I have seen all of this and more). If you aren't responsible enough to wear a helmet you shouldn't own a horse. 

Anyhoo my lami-cell arrived a few days ago and I have had a few rides. It feels so good. The dial a fit harness seems to be the key for me. Then I can get one that is a little too lose and dial it down to the perfect size. I went for a ride in the rain and noticed that it kept the rain off my face and neck. We were out for over an hour and I didn't have my normal headache. It has vents that kept me from getting too hot. It looks very expensive and it isn't. If you have been drooling over the new crazy spendy helmets out there but can't handle over $100 bucks try this out. 

No excuses. Get a helmet and wear it everyday. 


  1. I hear you on the helmet thing- my head is large and it's hard to find one that's comfortable. I forget the brand name of my most recent one but it also has the fitting dial on the back. I love it

  2. Amen! I always wear a helmet when riding.

  3. Every ride, every time! My daughter and I would not think of riding without a helmet - to me, it is like getting in the car and putting on my seat belt.

  4. I have a different Lami-cell helmet but I love mine too. Every ride.

  5. I love that you mentioned that no a helmet won't prevent other injures, but that head injuries are the most dangerous! I hate when people use that as an excuse for not wearing one. Seriously, would you prefer to have a broken arm or a traumatic brain injury and a broken arm????? Seems like a no brainer (pun intended) to me, but if they don't want to use their brains to make such an important decision then I guess they don't need them anyway. Very good post!

    That helmet sounds really nice. :) I'm lucky that a Troxel actually fits me really well, but if I do need something different I will keep that in mind. :)

    1. I hate all the excuses. It is hard for me not to actually get mad at people when they start up the BS. Not wearing one says "I don't care about my family or the well being of my horse". They need to come hang out with people who have traumatic brain injuries for a few days. And the other thing that gets me is the example it sets for kids. Kids want to be like us adults so bad. If adults get out of wearing one it becomes a rite of passage to get out of helmet wearing. I wish more shows would require them.