Thursday, November 8, 2012

Purina Strategy

Of you ever find yourself not happy with your horse's feed please check out strategy. I put Bre on it back when she colicked all the time but was a hard keeper so I had to feed grain. All of the whole grains made her sick and nothing else kept weight on without feeding too much. She's been the shiniest horse and its been a great feed. When she was a hard keeper I could dump it on her without making her sick. Once the barn owner changed feed without telling me and she colicked within a few weeks. Now that she's and easier keeper I cut back on the amount. She stays shiny and has the muscle tone of a three year old even when she's not being worked.

When I got Dickie the first barn manager fed one grain. He looked just fine other than getting a bit fat. When I moved him we provide our own grain so switching to Strategy was a no brainer. I put him on the new formulation called Healthy Edge. More of the calories come from fat.  Boy he is shiny! He was shiny before but even with his winter coat it looks like I've dumped show sheen on him. And I swear his tail has grown two inches in the last two months.

Yay for Strategy! It works on the special needs horse and the healthy horse. Keep it in mind if you need a need feed for your pony.


  1. thanks for the idea. Off to google it...

  2. The Purina Strategy Healthy Edge was one of the grains offered at my old barn. It seemed to be a good grain and the horses did well on it.

  3. Healthy Edge is great! I put Grayson on it about a year ago when I was at a self care barn and had to buy my own feed. He's on a Southern States feed right's what the barn feeds. It's probably the best feed he's ever been on and it's clear in his condition. We're still trimming feet every 4 weeks and it's almost the middle of November! But ya, I would definitely feed HE again.

  4. I've been really happy with Purina feeds for my girl. We were feeding Enrich 32 for a while and are currently feeding Ultium. I'm curious about Strategy, though, since it's so much easier to find around here. Glad to hear your horses are doing so great on it!

    1. It's such a good grain!! I try to get people turned on to it whenever I can. Bre is like the canary in the coal mine for grains. Everything gives her a belly ache.

  5. The dressage barn where I worked feeds Strategy. They all love it. I feed Purina Enrich 32 because my guys get fat on air so they don't need the calories lol. :)