Saturday, July 27, 2013

Long time no blog

This summer has been crazy (in good ways) so I haven't found time to blog. And when I did get on blogger all I wanted to do was catch up on you guys. I don't kneel where exactly to start. At this point I am not riding as much because the little red mare I was on is getting ridden a ton (other lessons horses are sick or lame) and the little grulla mare is getting a workout too. My friends daughter has been riding the little red Arab and there's a good chance she will buy her. It has been a blast teaching her. I forgot how much I like teaching. It almost makes me wish I had a few more students but I don't have my own barn and I surely don't have the time to travel to someone's house.

Dickie is coming along nicely. It's been hot (for this region) and he isn't in the mood to be exciting when it's been hot for a few days. I trotted him in the big arena for the first time. It's super distracting there with the open walls and attached paddocks so the previous attempts were les than successful laden with leaps and bucks. He is a funny guy. He does really well when you push him to something new then totally walk away from the new thing. He might throw a tantrum but when you come back to it all of he sudden he knows how.

One thing I noticed is my crap ass riding isn't helping him. It's been so long since I have ridden a horse that doesn't know leg means go so I keep getting all naggy w my legs. I also need to drop my stirrups a hole or two so I can be more affective. Until now I have been in defensive mode so I anted the security of a short stirrup. I am hoping to ride him outside a bit because inside is boring both of us. However he hasn't quiet proved his safety yet. I might try it next week.

I will keep you posted. I would post pics but blogger won't let me from my iPhone. Does anyone know how?


  1. I hope you can open this from your phone:

    It's Dickie's obese senior citizen school horse twin, Bomber! He's even putting things in his mouth like Dickie.

  2. I have been sooo super busy too! I can't wait to be done building my house so I can do horse stuff again, post in my blog and read blogs! I got on my reader and had over 1000 blog posts to read this morning. Sheesh!

    I'm glad things are going well! I did the same thing with Chrome, getting all naggy with my legs. I refreshed his longeing, so he would remember the voice cue, then transferred that over to the mounted work and it helped a lot. He's great now. He has come a looooong way from that first ride when he had absolutely no idea what he was doing lol. I wish we were further along sometimes, but I didn't want to ride him too much while he was still growing so I don't regret it at all. I'm hoping once it cools off and the house is done that I'll be able to really start working with him again. :)

    I hope you figure out the picture thing because I miss seeing pictures of handsome Dicky!!