Thursday, September 5, 2013

State Of Affairs

I was sick about moving Dickie because I really do hate moving. Bre lived at the same barn in Oregon after the move from Alaska for six years. We moved only because I needed her to get more attention while I was in nursing school and it was the best decision for Bre. This is the third barn in a year for Dickie. The first place was a move primarily for him. He wasn't turned out long enough and it was making him batty. This last move was more for me than for Dickie so it was harder. He was happy as could be messing around in the pasture all day but he was destined to be a pasture puff there. I already have one pasture ornament the last thing I needed was two. The new place has turnout (about an acre) but it isn't a huge field and there won't be grass. The turnout he had at the other place just doesn't exist in this area unless you want pasture board only. He also isn't out in a herd. He shares the fenceline with other geldings but for now is in his own pasture.

I quickly discovered my fears were unfounded. Dickie is such a trooper. As long as someone tells him he is a good boy he is happy to go anywhere. He hopped right in the trailer and started making friends the second he arrived. He hit it off right away with the stud colt next door and they played bitey face all day. He is right in the middle of a group of young delinquents. He finally isn't the only one who steals halters and throws them in the hall or bangs on the door at dinner time. He threw some tantrums the first few days when the owner was paying attention to her horses and not him but he quickly figured out he will get his turn. When they are in she dumps hay on them like it is going out of style and she gives them all carrots and treats. He is out 24/7 unless it is raining over night. Then he gets to come in at night. So far he does well with that. At his old barn he was in a private four stall area and I think it blew his mind to go from there to all the activity of the main barn and be expected to focus for a ride. Now he seems to eat up watching all the activity as we get out other horses. He can see the tack room and cross tie stalls from his stall and watches very intently.

Overall I am just amazed at how calm he is. He tested each person who led him in and out for the first week to make sure they knew how to be boss horse. After that he has been acting like a gentleman. He ambles along behind you with slack in the lead. And he does that for everyone. We have to lead two geldings through his field and he learned the rules really quickly. He stands back and does his best not to molest them as you walk through. It really helps that the owner has raised many big young, unruly horses from birth. She's a wisp of a thing but every one falls into line. He still has the fire and naughty that make him Dickie but he's so much better at focusing and getting a hold of himself these days.


  1. Yay! Dickie is amazing :) And he has an amazing mama. Glad the move went so well

  2. Hey! I Love this post and so glad you found a place that fit. I was the same way with Grayson when we lived in Charleston. There was never anyone at the barn...working a greenie by myself is not something I look forward to. And there was only a round pen and dressage arena...G was so over the round pen.

    About 6 weeks ago I moved him to an active stable and he LOVES it! I also ride more! Yah!

    I love love love hearing about Dickie's progress. It encourages me to get Grayson into some consistent under saddle work.