Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Training Progress this Summer

I was pretty proud of Dickie even before we moved. We were stuck due to arena constraints but he was where I wanted him to be. Progress since the new barn has been icing on the cake.

The first week we stuck to short lunge sessions and walking up the road (did I mention the road is dirt and goes for miles!) Our first lunge session was pretty spectacular. He was looking for any excuse to be insane. The acted like he had never seen a dog before and bolted and bucked every time he went past the dog (who was lying quietly outside the arena). Then he decided the wild turkey momma and her three babies were a good reason to spin and turn the other way. His favorite evasion is to sit and spin on the lunge. At this point I can see it coming a mile away so I caught in mid spin. Every so often he likes to show how bad ass he is by rearing. When I stopped the spin he looked at me with that appy stink eye and went straight up keeping my eye the whole time. He said "I swear I will flip over if you don't let me spin the other way!!! I will do it I am not kidding." So I said fine rear like a dumb ass and flip, they have chiropractors for that. He got straight up I swear I saw it click in his brain "Fuck, she's really not going to let me have my way. Bitch is going to let me die rather than let me win" Quick like a cat he threw himself to the side (he was past 90 degrees at this point) got all four feet under him and trotted on like nothing ever happened. He's such an appy sometimes. The people watching wanted to make sure that I never ride him alone, lol. After that session he decided that mom is a worthy leader and I am happy to say there hasn't been more airs above the ground.

I have been out every day I haven't worked this month. And every day we have had some arena time. It has made a huge difference. He stands in the cross ties like a normal horse. He still likes to wiggle and throw things within his reach but he doesn't make me want to pull my hair out these days. He will trot figure eights and diagonals with a long rein. He hops right up into the trot and will hold the trot until I ask for a walk. He's even getting the concept of giving a bigger walk or bigger trot. On our last right we even had both arena doors open without exiting the building. He does think the wild turkeys are a bit scary but I reminded him that the turkeys live in his field and he doesn't seem to mind them then.

I am sooo excited about where we are in in training. He is so smart and now that I can do more with him my rides are less terrifying. He tends to make things exciting when his mind wanders. Now that he actually knows a few basic commands I can keep his pea brain busy. Can't wait to ride him again!!!


  1. You are doing so great with him! Good job for keeping on top of it and not letting his baby brain get to you.

  2. "Fuck, she's really not going to let me have my way. Bitch is going to let me die rather than let me win"

    this made me laugh. Good for you for standing your ground.

  3. I was laughing too!! I love his personality! I'm glad the new barn is working out and you're making such great progress. :)