Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bre Update (Bad blogger here)

Bre is doing FANTASTIC!! She was a royal shit two days after the injections. I tried to hand graze her and she was dragging me around on the wet pavement like I was water skiing. The first day she had turnout she ran around the arena like a mad woman bucking and leaping. The woman who has been leasing Bre said she is looking 100% sound and I have seen her trotting around sound. She seems really happy. She is my old horse again. Pushy, sassy, and runs when a sane horse would walk.

I am sad to admit that I haven't actually been on her. Life has been so busy. I have Dickie and I have been helping work horses where Dickie lives. Dickie now lives 20+ from her and it is already a drive for me to get to the horses. She is well taken care of though. She loves her caretakers and they love her. In fact I think she's sees me as a bit of a buzz kill. She was trying to drag me around like some newly captured BLM horse. I said "BRE!!!! Do you know who I am" she looked me right in the eye and thought about minding for a second then continued being a nut job.

I am thinking my lovely retired mare needs to have some basic lessons on ground manners. My friend has been leasing her and spoils her rotten. It might be a good opportunity for her to learn how to handle naughty ponies. Romeo and Bre have both decided that they are feral ponies who can't be told what to do. Maybe I should tell them that wild ponies don't have warm blankets. They also don't get to come into dry stalls with sand runs at night.

It might seem silly that I dropped so much dough to get joint injection for someone else to ride my horse. For me it is a quality of life issue for one of my best friend. If Bre isn't running like an asshat in the pasture she is miserable. She also loves to go on trail rides and have adventures with her people. She gets bored and pissy when she doesn't have a job. It makes me heart happy to see the red mare causing trouble again.
Bre waking up from the procedure. 

The good part of stall rest was constant food. 

Feet all wrapped up to keep injection sites clean. 

Hay and a nice fluffy stall. Rough life. 


  1. Yay! So happy to hear that Bre is feeling better. . .a lot better!

  2. I'm so glad she's back to her old self! That's the best news ever!