Friday, October 11, 2013

He's Closer to Four than Three AHHHHHH!!!

We are at a bit of a stand still training wise. I had him going really well undersaddle. He could steer decent, stop, go, and back. Then his old lady momma hurt her back and I was out of commission. I came out to longe him and love on him but riding was out of the question. I missed a bunch of work and spent the better part of one week lying on my side attached to a heating pad. Then I was ready to ride but we had a crazy windy week. Trees were falling over and there was thunder and lighting. I didn't want to hop right on my wild 3yo after a month off with a hurricane going on. 

Finally last week I was able to hop on and he was naughty. I think he was great for a 3yo with such limited riding but I was sweating. We had our first ride with another horse in the arena for the full ride. That blew his mind. When he gets focused on something he finds the requests of his rider quite annoying. He would trot trot trot happily along then see something interesting and it was suck back, kick out, mini buck, hop, hop, annnnnnd go again. 

I had someone mention that they thought the root problem was him being behind the leg. I suppose I could have been more assertive about him not getting behind the leg. However, he has such a poor attention span that I am not sure that would have helped. When he is paying attention to me he moves right out then BAM something sparkly catches his eye and he wants to check it out. Is that really behind the leg or is it just my 3yo dofus has the attention span of a gnat? When he feeling particularly focused I can get a good 20 minutes of forward trotting (with rests of course) and he is downright snappy off the leg. 

It is so hard starting a baby. I wouldn't trade it but sometimes I second guess myself. Am I pushing him too hard? Am I not pushing him enough? Where should he be at 3? I have only ridden him in a bit once but he is teething so he hasn't wanted a bit in his mouth. We aren't cantering yet but I still don't feel like I have enough control to canter him in a big arena with lots of room to gain speed and bucks. And I know if I sent him off for training he would be further along, but do I really want him further along?  know that many 31/2 yos are doing more but I don't want to ruin his growing body. His spine won't finish growing til six, he just grew a half inch in two months, has a mouth full of baby caps, and has the chest of a starved mongolian pony from the front. Do I really have anything to gain but pushing him at this moment? I don't want him to have an injury at four or five and find myself wondering if it is because I pushed him too far at three. For some reason once he turns more I will be more confident about pushing him. 

I HAAATE putting a bit in my mouth right now mom.
Le'ts play. 
Go get it Dickie!!

He kills the ball!!!

He's ready for mom to kick it again.

That baby chest I was talking about. 

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  1. I ask myself the same questions! And Chrome is almost four and a half now! I just can't make myself push him, but I also think I'm using it as an excuse not to ride, because as much as I hate to admit it I'm afraid to trail ride him all by myself. I'm a twin so I NEVER rode alone when I was a kid. I never realized it was going to be such a mental hurdle for me.... Chrome is definitely looking and acting more mature though so he really needs to be worked, especially for the sake of his stifles. I really wish I had a reliable trail horse that I could pony him off of. Then I could exercise him without stressing his back or feeling unsafe being on his back for his first trail experiences.... I will figure out something eventually I guess. If I could only find Faran a new home I have a friend who would let me borrow her trail horse.... finding Faran a home is turning out to be impossible though.

    Sorry for rambling. With Dickie, since his attention span is so short, I think right now it's just important to have fun. There's no reason he has to be further along than he is right now. Enjoy his baby personality right now because you will miss it when he starts acting like a grown up. I miss it with Chrome sometimes. :)