Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Jackpot of Resources

I left my old barn and some awesome friends due to difficulty finding quiet jump free arena time. The new place has been a perfect fit in so many ways. The barn owner was a long time eventer turned dressage queen after a head injury that cause major health issues. She has a wealth of knowledge working with youngsters and has four homebred warmbloods from yearling to 5yo. She also has several OTTBs in various stages of training. I have been able to ride some of those horses and glean a wealth of information from BO. An added benefit to my location is several wonderful trainers who live nearby and are willing to come to me. Some of them even come to the barn for BOs horses routinely. 

One of my resources is an old school bad ass event rider. I made friends with her at the old barn and she has been a great support. She has evented all the way up to Rolex. Currently she has two OTTBs she events at prelim and teaches a handful of students. She is tough but a kick in the pants. She doesn't run a major training buissiness and just teaching who she likes. Her rates are a steal. She hauled her horses to my barn and added in an extra ride on Dickie when I had a long work stretch for barely more than the price of one lesson at most barns. 

Quailhurst Stables  is located about five minutes from my stable. The BO is friends with Quailhurst barn owner which means I get the lowdown an clinics. It also instroducted us to one of the Quailhurst young horse riders. He worked with Buck Branaman and showed Arabians. He is now learning dressage and is a natural. He's calm, relaxed, and looks like he was born riding dressage. I love that he still shows up in wranglers and a sweatshirt even though he rides at one of the fanciest barns in our area. When I started to get my act together I realized Dickie needed a month of stead riding to really "get" what is expected of him. That gets hard in weeks where I work more than three shifts. Awesome young horse guy (we shall call him YHG) has been riding him during work stretches at less than a steal. I don't even want to say what I am paying him because as soon as word gets out he will be out of my price range ;) 

Yet another person who stops in our barn is a local Grand Prix jumper. Sadly I have yet to cross paths with her because she always seems to be there on a day I am at work. She jumps BOs horses since she can't jump herself anymore. I hear she is great to work with and excells at a dialogue with owners about what she is feeling up there. I can't wait to watch her ride sometime soon!!

Fancy vineyard/horse farm right down the road. 
GP jumper I can't wait to watch ride. 

Eventer trainer on her super cute OTTB I might get to take a lesson on :)


  1. Wow! That is so cool! I can't wait to hear more about all that awesomeness :)

  2. Wow! That is a ton of fantastic resources! I'm so excited for you. Sooo.. is there any room for me and Chrome?? :D