Thursday, November 14, 2013


Just in time for Thanksgiving I have a gobble gobble story. When I first moved to the new barn there was a family of turkeys. Momma, poppa, and five babies. Pops left and two babies disapeared. We decided to start feeding the turkeys because they are pretty cool birds. They make the sweetest little chirping noises and are pretty dang friendly. They follow me around the barn like dogs. I am sure that I will get people cringing and telling me how dangerous boy turkeys are. I know and I don't care. I love these turkeys. They come to "turkey turkey turkey" and when I had apples would meet me at my car door. They have decided our barn is the place to be and never go past the horse pasures. Even the horses seem to like our turkey friends. 

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  1. So cute!! I love turkeys and this totally makes me miss mine. I adore listening to them talk. All of ours were very friendly, male and female, but I have never been around wild ones so no clue about them. I'm glad they have decided to make your barn home. :)