Friday, December 27, 2013


Bit Bits Bits. So many sizes and shapes and colors. When we last met Dickie graduated from the side pull to a full cheek KK aurigan snaffle. He was going just fine and dandy for a baby horse but I wasn't 100% happy with it as time went on. He was getting to the point where he should be taking the bit and putting a little weight in my hands. My trainer friend started riding him once a week and was feeling the same thing. Luckily she has an arsenal of bits. Normal bits, weird bit, small bits, tall bits. You name it she has it. I took home a loose ring mullen, one hing sweet iron loose ring, three piece D ring, and three piece loose ring. Since I had tried similar versions of every thing else I went with the mullen mouth. I've never ridden in a mullen or even seen another person ride in one. Now I am wondering why not!!

It was magic from the second I put the bridle on. Usually he chomps away at his bits but with this one he acted like nothing was there. The ride was night and day!! I don't want to imply that he hasn't been a good boy. He has been an amazing green pony. But add this bit into the mix and we progressed exponentially in one ride. He is now stretching down for most of the ride. I feel like we are having a conversation through my reins. He is much less tense and is more willing to move out. It surreal to get on him now. His attention span is still pretty short but he is ready to work the second my foot hits the stirrup.

I have Cricket's bit on loan and ordered an egg butt for Dickie. Hers is a loose ring but I like to go with less cheek movement for the greenies. Can't wait until it gets here. f you have a horse who is fussy with the bit, doesn't want to take contact, or suck behind the contact give a mullen mouth a try. They are inexpensive, dressage legal, and mild. It can't hurt to give one a whirl.

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  1. Dealing with the same thing right now with Chilly. I'll have to try a mullen mouth!