Friday, December 27, 2013

Breedle Deedle goes for a ride

We had a few chilly days this month. It felt like Alaska and reminded me of all the fun rides Bre and I had in the snow. I decided to go for a ride with my friend on a chilly 26 degree day. We went bareback to keep our tushies warm. Bre seemed happy to get out and about and took good care of me.

The view between these red ears is the best view in the world. 

This is what we usually see from the same point in our ride. 

She heard me put a hand in my pocket. She thinks that's her cue for a treat stop . 

Bre's lease lady riding Romeo. 

The red princess and I keeping warm in December. 

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  1. I love bareback for keeping warm in the winter! :D