Saturday, October 11, 2014

Dickie Has a New Auntie

This is a bit overdue but I feel like I need some posts with actual equines rather than equine hats. A new friend moved to the area in August. We have had contact through a FB group and she knows my best local riding buddy. It has been really fun to have another like minded horse person in the area. She's an Eventer and it's good for me to surround my wannabe eventer self with people who actually know what's going on. Plus she's fun and has a devilish sense of humor.  I love new horse buddies!!! She has ridden Dickie a few times this summer and is a badass. He liked her right away. 

It's always nerve wracking when someone you don't know well gets on your green horse. Dickie is a good boy but has quirks. He needs someone to lay down the law right away. She asked me "can I work with him on the ground first?" I knew right away she would be fine. I wish more people would realize spending five minutes making sure your horse is tuned in will save you from a battle under saddle. 

One of the times she came out we didn't warn her that it was actually a photo shoot for pony bonnets and she would be the costar. "Here get on this green horse who's not being handled and let us take photos we're going to post all over the internet." She was such a good sport. 

Dickie is a funny guy. He can be pushy and dominant but he doesn't actually want to be the boss. If he gets one over on you pretty soon he's all "wait I'm scared, it's too much power!! Save me." It was really fun to watch her ride him. He's been ridden two times since August so he was a little fussy at first but it didn't take long for him to remember his job. My friend'a baddassery helped him feel calm and confident with a new rider on board. 

This photo was actually her first ride on him (blue photos were of the second ride). They hit it off right away. She hadn't been on a horse in over a month and happily got on the green 4yo who has been a heathen because mom is lame. They are so cute. We went on a trail ride that day and she even took him down her bank into the water. 

I'm sad she boards across town. My other riding partner in crime boards a 15min trailer ride straight up one road. We need to figure out a way to steal her to the west side. She has a gorgeous horse and I envision some wild trail rides next summer. The fourth member of this potentially dangerous group of ladies also boards across town but at least she has a trailer. We will have to find places to meet in the middle. 

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  1. Yay for new friends!!!! I'm dying for a riding buddy lol. I hope you all can figure out how to meet up a lot next summer. :D I'm so excited that you'll be good as new again and able to enjoy sweet Dickie.