Friday, November 14, 2014

The Best Laid Plans

In true type A horse woman fashion I had a plan for how things would go after surgery. I did all the research. Talked to other patients. I knew exactly how things would go down. I decided would be in a ton of pain the first few weeks after surgery. I would use my ice machine religiously. I would use my CPM. I would do my PT as often as I was allowed. I would be a good girl and stay away from the horses until I was cleared to walk that far. There would be set backs but I was ready for those. In wouldn't be discouraged. Bad days happen. 

Surprisingly things went very different. I was barely in pain after surgery. I rated my pain a zero because compared to pre op I felt like a bionic woman. Yeah I was stiff and if I accidentally got myself in a prohibited position it hurt. But overall I was doing better than I anticipated. Much better. So much better I was giddy with excitement after over seven years of chronic pain. I might have had a sore day or two but I really didn't have anything I would consider a set back. Then I went back to work......

The surgeon hoped I would have a little more time off work but I was feeling strong and confident that I could start out with one 8 hour shift. My hip was sore right off the bat. My soft tissues are tight so I have to take a short strides. Getting up and down from chairs is a big stress too so I charted on my feet as much as I could handle. 

I woke up the next day feeling almost as sore as before surgery on my left side. SURGERY WAS ON MY RIGHT SIDE. Now I'm having the same type of pain in my good hip. I had to take another two weeks off work and have been in pity party mode. For about a week I was in too much pain to drive or even walk. I scaled my pt back to the exercises I was doing right after surgery. I'm starting to feel a little better but resting the new bad hip has meant I've lost ground with my surgical hip. The surgeon said it can take three months for the other hip to recover from doing double duty. My surgery was Sept 4th so I have a little ways for that milestone. Until then I'll try to keep my chin up and avoid panicking that I need surgery on the other hip. 


  1. Yikes! I hope you don't need surgery on the other hip. :( I hate compensation injuries. I hope this is just a minor set back and that things improve quickly from here on out.

  2. How have you been doing? Was thinking about you today. Hope all is healing well!