Wednesday, April 1, 2015

So Much To Catch Up On


Surgery went well on March 6th. I wanted the house to go on the market that day so we had a mad rush of things to do. The whole house and barn needed cleaning. Everything in the house needed to go to storage. I got rid of some stuff but my mom had really pretty furniture so I kept pretty much everything. I am so grateful to my amazing friends and family. I would have never been able to do it without them. Nurses and horse people are good friends to have. I think their work paid off because I am hoping to share very good news on the house front in the next few weeks. 

Hip recovery has been a little tougher this time around. It has been harder to keep motived because I am  so burnt out on PT and my life has been turmoil. This hip also took a bigger beating since it has been my dominant leg for so long. I am getting there though. Slowly and surgery Overall I am better than pre surgery. So much better. Some days are amazing but its very easy to overdo things. I keep telling myself I don't need to be well until June when the good riding starts :) 


Pippin is such a rockstar. He is out in a big paddock loves to play over the fence with his neighbours. He is next to a younger gelding and they run together. The friendship has been good for both horses. He is turned out without a halter and allows himself to be caught by anyone.  He will trot right up but will still play hard to get when it comes time to put the halter on. He has become such a love that it is hard to get photos, all she can get is a nostril. He continues to handle being in a stall overnight and might even be turning into a stall puff. If he's inside when stalls are cleaned he gets to wander the alley. All she has to do is say "Pip Pip" and he will trot right back into his stall. 

I am so grateful for my friend. She has done an amazing work with him. He is one lucky horse. He found his way into a kill pen and the best rescue possible found him. Pony Up was willing to take their time with him. Rather than just let him exist. Too many rescues just house horses instead of working to make them better citizens. Pony up pushed forward and even put money into starting him under saddle. My lovely friend built upon their work and now he's at a point where he would be successful at a boarding stable. 


Dickie has had a busy few months. Between surgery and my parent's death I needed the pressure of horse care to be off the table for a few months. Dickie needs attention and handling or he gets unruly. He also needs someone making sure that he doesn't have cuts and bumps. I handed over the hard parts of his care to my trainer and dear friend. I still went to see him but all I had to do was give kisses. He was groomed, bathed, blanketed appropriately, covered in the proper ointments and potions. He also begrudgingly returned to work. Hopefully he will be in shape by the time I am back in the saddle. He is looking great and I can't wait to ride again!!!


  1. Sounds like everything is looking up for you!!

  2. Please be careful and don't overdo it! You don't want any setbacks! I'm glad everyone is doing well. :)