Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ready for Surgery

Friday I will be getting my bad hip bionicized. I am sooooo excited. Some days I think I might cut it open myself because I can't take another day of this shit. I get about two good hours when i first put on my lidocaine patches. After that I go back to feeling like I have some sort of fire clamp around my hip. 

It's been insanity until today. My parents were 62 and 72. They lived full lives and had collected all the things that go along with full lives. Downhill ski gear, cross country ski gear, hunting gear, camping gear, endless tools, horse stuff, farm equipment, gardening supplies, and everything else you could imagine. It was well organized and there wasn't much junk. Because it was so organized I had no idea how long it would take. 

Everyday somebody has been out at the house. If I wasn't out there my dad was. For a week I had a crew wiping the walls, shampooing the carpet, servicing the furnace. I have had an unbelievably supportive crew behind me. However, to get it all done I still had to be out there working. I needed to be done by today. Pre-op appointments are tomrrow so today was the final go. 

It was a day of girl power because the boys had to work their day jobs. Moms friend, my badass trainer, awesome neighbor lady, and best step momma ever were on fire today (sometimes literally). We carried a monstrous wooden couch and burned the fuck out of it. My hip hurt like hell but smashing the shit out of that couch was sooooooo satisfying. I washed the outside of the house (yes I scrubbed that shit with a car wash brush). Loaded the dryer and a dresser. Mopped all the floors. Wiped the windows. All those finishing touches. 

Friday my amazing realtor comes to take photos. This weekend it goes on the market. It makes me smile thinking about a family moving into the house. It is spring and flowers are starting to bloom. The hummingbirds are flocking to the feeder. By summer a family will have horses in the field and a dad will be hiding out with a beer in the man shop. I hope someone loves it at much as we did. 


  1. Best of luck with the surgery and the sale!!

  2. good luck with your surgery!!

  3. I hope it sells quickly to a really nice family. I'm glad you were able to get everything done in time and I hope you're recovering well from surgery. I saw on Facebook where you were getting a ride to go see Dickie so I'm taking that as a good sign. :-D