Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend funsies

I have had a busy few days. I works thurs thru sat. I got off work sun am and managed to stay awake for over 24 hours. I am usually very careful about getting enough sleep and keeping a sleep routine. When I get off work I grab a quick snack and am out like a light by 9am. Sunday I really wanted to go watch a horse show. I made plans to go back when I wasn't working Saturday night. So instead of stopping coffee consumption at 2am I kept it going. I was feeling pretty good by the end of my shift and was actually coherent when I arrived at the show. A new barn friend was competing at a little eventing derby that the local hunt club holds three times a year. It's not a long serious country course but we pretty much have nothing in the way of eventing in Portland so it's fun to go. You have to drive at least 3 hours to get to any events around here and there are only 3 i have found. This one used i have 3 phases but they morphed stadium and xcoubtry into one long course. I felt old when i found myself saying "back when I was showing they has this......"

Everything is low key and try have a few mini courses below beginner novice. I'm hoping I take Dickie to the trot a rail next year because it's so mellow there and only a few mins from where he lives. My only complaint was that the timing was disorganized. Dressage ran late, when does it eve run on time, but the jumping ran on time. This meant there was barely time to switch tack between events. By the time you switched there was only time for two or three warm up fences. It was super fun and my friend got 5th and was one of only 3 clear rounds. It was her mares first event and I was happy I got to watch.

After that I gave my first lesson to Romeos lessee. The person who started Romeo came out before she got there to see I she felt the same problems as I dd. it was nice to have someone who knows the horse come to the same conclusions I did. Because Romeo felt so sucked back I just worked on forward with the girl. I let her know we can go back to a western jog Eventually but he needs to et moving correctly first. I was incredibly impressed with her. Initially he was chomping at the bit w ears pinned the second she picked up the reins. She didn't hesitate when I told her to ride on a lose rein and picked up on everything I told her. By the end of the ride she had him soft, forward, and stretching down looking for contact. He has been really bad about nervous bit chomping and he didn't do it once after the first five minutes. I hope that she had fun because she did wonderful and I think she can go far. I know that ribbons aren't everything but I think she can clean up. It would be nice to see her winning without forcing him into a headset like the other trainer  was so focused on. Im excited for our next lesson!

Dickie got his feet trimmed and a new jolly ball. And he's started whinnying when I get there. It's the funniest high pitched baby whinny. So cute. More on him later. It's hard to write a post on my cell! I have event pics too but can't figure out how to upload them til I get to my Mac.

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  1. Aww I love the high pitched baby whinny! Make sure to get a video of it before his voice changes. I love going back to watch videos of Chrome to hear his baby whinny. :D

    Yay for the lesson with the lease girl! I'm glad she's picking it up and doing so well. What a relief the damage wasn't permanent from the other trainer. :D

    The show sounds like fun! We have something similar around here. It's a small one, but the only one probably in my whole state LOL! Rodeo is more popular here I guess (unfortunately). I'm glad you had a good time and congrats to your friend!