Thursday, September 13, 2012

Who's Lazy Now?

I remember the first few weeks Dickie got here I wondered if he would have enough fire. I really like having a horse who is a challenge and has spunk under saddle. He was so easy going and ho hum about everything that I wondered if maybe he would be a lazy bones. My gut feeling was that this horse was really smart and was sitting back figuring out the situation but more than a few people mentioned how lazy he was. I would have still loved him to pieces and he wasn't going anywhere but I do love to have that horse who wants to be in front. Then today as he was telling me the birds in the blackberry bushes were TERRIFYING, I started laughing.

Where did that ho hum lazy guy go? Out of nowhere he has figured out how to get those long gangly legs under him and is a fire cracker. I didn't think that walking in hand, and ground work could build up muscle. I just thought I was teaching manners. But lo and behold he really has gained muscle. The vet mentioned it a few weeks ago and I didn't  think it was true but IT IS!! He looks effing fantastic. When I work him in the round pen he really uses himself. Looks nothing like that uncoordinated confused goofball in the first lunging video I posted. And somehow despite his butt being close to two inches higher than his shoulders he manages to carry himself uphill quite a bit now. Imagine how uphill he will be when he is actually built that way!

My gangly goofball is still there. He still randomly trips over his own big feet and runs into me because he wasn't paying attention. In the arena he will do some fancy moves then remember he isn't coordinated yet and canter off with his butt ten inches above his shoulders. He still looks like a yearling from one angle, two year old from another, and full grown horse from yet another. I am weird and really love goofy stages so that is fine by me. However, it seems like overnight I can see more than just a glimmer of the horse he will grow up to be.

Here is a flash from the past, pictures of the Doofus himself one year ago (1.5 yrs old) :
At the auction :(
Home safe and saved by Pony Up
 I think this one is post baby's first bath. Look at his pot belly, this horse has never gone without. 
 Still has that big goofy face, with mule ears. I LOVE the mule ears. I hope he doesn't grow into them. 


  1. Handsome boy!!
    Good to know ground work and in hand work can build muscle!

  2. I came over from your comment on Allison's site - where you responded to the questions on my Hobby Horse Blog Hop. I'm so glad you meet you!
    I'm with you about loving the gangly stages horses go through. It is so much fun to see them grow at different rates in different places - and then, ta daaa, they turn out just perfect in the end!
    Your guy is gorgeous!

    1. Welcome!! Glad I am not alone in loving the goofball stages. I wish I had taken more pictures of Bre but I was training her for the first year of her life. I think I was afriad if I took too many pictures I would get ever more attached and I never fathomed I would own her. Now I would pay big money to have pictures of her goofy stages.

    2. Meant to say first year I rode her not of her life. Unfourt I didn't meet her until she was 3.

  3. I hope he doesn't grow into his mule ears either!! I love them!! :D Isn't it soooo much fun to watch them grow up??? Raising Chrome and watching him grow has been one of the best things I've ever done (and am doing)!! I'm so happy we have blogs so we can follow along with other like minded people raising their baby horses. :D