Saturday, September 1, 2012

Moving Day

I have already shared that Dickie and I gave 30 day notice with plans to move to a new stable. Thursday on the way to work (graveshift) I got a text that we could move the 1st of Sept if we wanted. Someone was looking for board ASAP so we could go to the new place and our old stable would be able to fill that stall right away. Win win!!! My only problem was getting Dickie to the new place. I don't have a trailer so I depend on Bre's surrogate family for horse transportation. Normally it would be no problem but they happened to be leaving town for the weekend and took the truck. My wonderful new barn manager said she would give him a ride if I could be ready Friday. The vet was coming for fall shots at 3pm so it was a bit of a marthon day. I got off work at 730am, was asleep by 9am, up by 1230pm so I could stand for Bre, Romeo, and Dickie to get shots. By 4pm our ride arrived. 

I suspected he would be great but I wasn't sure if the 3+ hour trailer ride from Washington had made him leary of the trailer. I really shouldn't doubt my horse. He hopped right in without a second of hesitation. He didn't seem worried or stressed once we got to the new place. He snorted at a few things in the aisleway but was willing to follow me to his new stall. He made a few laps around the new paddock with a big fancy trot. He didn't panic though and came right back to check his stall out. There were about 3inches of soft shavings and he immediately plopped down to roll. Then he calmy strolled to the far end of the paddock where there is some grass to eat. Five minutes later he was acting like he has boarded there for years. I am excited that we found a comprimise between me getting the facilities I need to train him and Dickie getting the room he needs to be a happy pony. 

I can't wait to play in the new arena.

Dickie quickly went to the end of his paddock and set to eating grass. 

Bre and Romeo feeling sorry for themselves because they have been banished to the lower pasture. Poor poor ponies. 

Lounging in the hammock while I housesit at Bre's farm this weekend. 


  1. That looks like a lovely facility! Hope it works out great!

  2. Looks like a great place, and the increased turnout should make a real difference.

  3. Jealous of the arena! :) I'm glad Dickie is happy in his new home. It looks really awesome. I'm excited for you!