Sunday, March 17, 2013


Over the last month I have had a weird schedule without enough relaxing days. I had to take a long stretch off to help at the HS eq meet then somehow the rest of the month I didn't end up with more than a few days off in a row. When you add in visiting a sick family member, shuttling a sick car to and from the shop, and never ending laundry I couldn't seem to find a full day to waste at the barn. I have been looking forward to this stretch of five days off since the schedule first came out. Five days off meant I actually got to sleep for eight full hours on my first day off. Usually I take a nap then have to rush off for some kind of appointment and I am a zombie all day.

I slept for almost 24 hours then was a good girl and spent most of Friday getting paperwork done for school. I start my RN to BS program in a few weeks and kept putting off paperwork. I swear I have been fingerprinted more in the last 24 months than a professional criminal between new job, getting licensed, and this nursing program. It required me getting the fingerprints, getting it notarized, then hitting up the post office. I felt so organized. I even managed to fit in dropping off pony poo at the vet and picking up wormer. I didn't manage to fit in actually working the horses but I did hang out with them for over an hour in the pasture while they refused to poop.

Sooooo with all my work done I had all of Saturday blocked to play with my best most favortest pony friend (Josey's mom). We were like little kids on xmas. We couldn't sleep the night before and couldn't wait to get up. It was her first time going and I haven't been in years. I also haven't been when I actually had a little money to spend. I have a tax return on it's way and a list of things I could actually say I NEEDED without lengthy creative rationalization. We made out like bandits. I might have spent a decent sum of cash but I am happy to say I didn't spend very much on any one item.

Dickie now has a nice show sheet, a light cooler to throw over his saddle walking to and from the big barn, two sets of reins, cross ties, show pad, and tons of other good stuff. I think I am actually being literal when I say tons. We had to store our first load with the 4-H tack wagon girls because we couldn't hold one more thing. Our second load was just as heavy and my back is still sore today. My only disappointment was a missing out on a drool worthy padded leather halter. He needs a leather halter to show in and I drool over the padded ones but they are just a little to spendy for my current budget. I passed it up because it was at the first booth and I didn't want to spend half my money right off the bat. It was more than worth it though so I actually went back only to find it had sold :(

I guess I shouldn't say the halter was the only disappointment. My other half found this lovely like new turquoise cooler. It was fleece on top and mesh on the bottom, perfect for summer. As she was turning it over to look for the size this creepy crusty old lady grabbed it and said if it fit her horse she was buying it.  It turned out both our horses were the same size but she wasn't handing it back. I kicked myself for the rest of they day for not fighting her but we were so shocked over having something snatched from our hands that we stood there in horror.

Luckily our wounds of losing the halter and having the blanket stolen were quickly healed. We stopped at wilco for wormer and they were having a crazy sale. The prices were cheaper than the Wilco near our house too. They had a super fancy halter they didn't even carry at the other store. AND they had a lovely turquoise rain sheet. After Wilco we spent hours playing dress up and deciding where to put all of our junk. Perfect pony day. Even the pouring down rain didn't ruin our parade.

Super sexy in his new padded, fancy stitched, leather halter. 


Fancy grown up man. 

He wanted to eat my vest zipper. I guess I fancy halter doesn't make him alllll grown up. 

Josey's momma was sent this blanket my mistake (she would never  purchase a  non turquoise blanket). I bought the lovely turquoise one on sale and Dickie looks fetching in this one. 

I found leathers and a girth that actually match my saddle!!  The girth is a little light but it is brand new so I know it will get darker with some oiling. 


  1. Phew... Thank Goodness there is no way my husband would read this blog... he is blissfully unaware of our haul from Saturday!!!

  2. I LOVE the patterned blanket...I have a thing with patterns...for me and G!

    And that saddle looks great! That's the same one I have, right? I used to be iffy about the color but now I can't imagine having another color.

    1. Yes we have twin saddles!! I love the color. This seems to be the latest fad in the hunter saddles. It looks amazing on Bre. Doesn't look as great on Dickie but I am sure he will grow out of it anyway then Bre gets to keep it.

  3. I love the fancy halter and patterend blanket.

    1. Wilco had the hookup!! They had a big sale so we bought all the things we didn't get at the sale.

  4. Wow!! What a great haul! That's funny I went to a sale recently and didn't buy a single thing!!! There was a blue checkered halter that I really wanted, but it sounded high, then I looked it up when I got home and almost died when I saw what a deal it was..... man I suck! I'm glad you guys did so well.

    Oh I did have a question... you're at a boarding barn so why the cross ties? They seriously make you buy your own??

    1. I do board but we are over the the really quiet private barn at the house. It is just a little four stall barn and the price is a steal. What you see is what you get. The fancy barn has cross ties but I tack up before I go over there.

      You need to take your phone with internet to the tack sales!! Then you can tell if you are getting a deal. My friend picked up a Schleese saddle that retailed new for over $3,000 for $125. The air bladder in the pannels was broken but she fixed it for $150. IT was a model they only made one year so we had to look up the maker via phone and lucked out. After that I will always be drawn to tack sales, don't think I can beat that one though.

    2. Ahh gotcha. I forget you are in the small private barn. :)

      My phone doesn't have internet. I'll have to have my husband go next time so we can use his work phone. :D