Monday, March 4, 2013

Books and structure

Riding more has made me realize how out of shape I am. I have been slowly losing my nursing school weight but I have jello for core muscles. You can't even tell I'm losing weight because my gut muscles stick out instead of in, lol. Then there's the problem of my pelvic injury from a fall. I was jumping Bre outside in a field and her spring sprung me right out of the saddle and onto the ground. I was able to get back on and ride but when I got off I realized I couldn't bear weight on my right leg. There was no bone damage but the docs didnt follow up with looking for soft tissues problems. I was ok crutches for months and have just learned to deal with chronic pain. Most days I don't notice it but some days I'm wiped. It's all I can do to get through the day.

My back issues make my job hard. My back is my money maker if I can't lift patients and move fast I can't work. As much as my work should be my biggest motivator riding seems to be the thing that will actually force me to get myself in gear. I have physical therapy excercises and it bores me fast. I've been thinking if I have excercises that are specific for horses I would follow through. When I have a specific plan and can see tangible results I am more apt to follow through.

Sooooo I bought a few books with excercises plans for riders. I am thinking I can make a list in my planner of which things I want to do each day. If I know its a busy day I can keep it simple. Some things I can even do at the barn! I also got a cheap book with a fitness program for horses. That book has flash cards you can pull out and keep at the barn. Some stuff is in hand which will be great for Dickie and I. I am thinking it will help Taylor too.

The books should arrive midweek! Ill let you know what I think.


  1. I have a book called Rider Fitness. It seems like a good book. . .I went through it, picked out a bunch a of exercises for me to do, and then I haven't done a single one. I vow to do them one day. Soon! Maybe you will be my motivation!
    I also have an Equine Fitness book, too. Probably the same book because it has the flash card things too. Shy loves the stretches!

  2. I can't wait to hear about these books, after being in and out of hospital for two months last June and all I was doing was eating and sleeping I realised that I was really putting weight on since then I've had my ups and downs but I am really focusing on losing weight!

  3. I have the Equine Fitness book too and I love it. :D Be careful if you tear the flashcards out though. I've lost some of mine. And remember when doing the stretches to warm their muscles up first!

    I need to get back in shape too.... I'm starting out easy with some walking lol. I'll get back into strength training later when I find my motivation. :)