Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Plans

There is a mellow schooling show this weekend and I had planned on taking Dickie. We were just going to do halter for the expirience. He has been quite the handful as of late and taking him was starting to feel more like a chore. He has a white sock that I would need to clean and I think keeping him couped up in the stall all day would make him batty. I also work all week and wouldn't be able to brush up on ground manners.

I have had the thought that it would be fun to take Bre to one last show. This would be an easy time to do it because two other people are going from the barn she lives at right now. A month from now she will be back at her old barn and it would be a chore to arrange trailering. She hasn't been ridden much lately but these are all flat rail classes. The only pattern is showmanship and I am only doing that to keep her warmed up and let her see the arena. She won't ever break a sweat. She gets more of a work out in a twenty minute ride that she will by going all day to the show. It is close by so she won't be sleeping in a strange stall. Not that she cares. She is the easiest traveler. She will even be going with a pasture mate.

I filled out the entry form for all the english and western rail classes we qualify for. She would rather be out of her stall hanging out with me and her buddies so I figured I might as well ride her in classes all day. I am really excited now that it is official. It love my mare and it will be fun to have one last adventure. I haven't really done much in the way of rail classes so it will be nice to do it on a trained horse. My only worry is the fact that the footing in that arena really packs in the horses feet and she has princess feet. She could run all day on hard ground but pack some arena footing in there and it's the end of the world. Thank goodness for Pam and Crisco. I might have to bring both.