Sunday, April 28, 2013


Last Friday was teeth and shots for Josey and Dickie (Bre is in a few weeks). They weren't sure how much drugs miss Josey would take. Apparently drafts are cheap drunks and appys needs extra. She is clydie/appy. Josey took after her draft side and could hardly stand up within seconds of happy drugs. She also decided it was very comfy to lean on the vet tech. I couldn't resist snapping a shot of her trying to wake up from the drugs. She tried so very hard to watch Dickie have his teeth done. At one point she rested her chin on the stall door and passed out like that. Super cute. She had some hooks and points and should be a happier pony now!!

Very sleepy but still keeping an eye out for treatage. 

I wasn't sure what to expect with the monster child. He knows the vet well at this point. He met them for a once over after purchase, then with the cardiologist, then for shots, then twice for his sarcoid treatment. Overall he is much easier to handle. You can actually look at this teeth and mess with his ears. However, he has had some knock down drag outs with the vet. The first sarcoid removal wasn't too bad. The second one was a night mare. They had just been there two weeks prior so he knew what was coming. He wanted nothing to do with getting tranquilized and decided to rear and tear the barn down rather than let the vet get a needle in him.

We really wanted him to have a good experience this time so I gave him ace to calm him a bit. Ace doesn't do a thing for him. He was still tossing his head and trying to chew on anything in his reach when they were working on Josey. We kept hoping he would get a little sleepy but he was bright eyed up bushy tailed right up to his turn. This time we twitched him right away with one person outside of the stall and the vet reaching in the window. It was easier just to start in a spot where we could control him rather than wait until he was upset. As it turned it our plan worked perfectly. It took less than two mins from the time he was twitched to the time he got drugged. He didn't even know what happened and was still chatting up the vet and tech.

He was a bit sleepy when they first started on his teeth but woke up fast. His eyes were wide open for most of the procedure. He was about as sleepy from the ace + tranquilizer as most horses would have been from the ace alone. He didn't need more drugs though because he was happy as could be. I daresay he even liked having girls mess with his mouth.

I thought I was in for a sore and bloody horse when they said he had a wolf tooth but I was lucky on that front. His tooth was smaller than a human baby tooth. His baby teeth are falling out right on schedule and the big teeth are coming in straight. Bre had a few four year old baby teeth get wedged in between her big teeth but so far he doesn't seem to have those problems. I will keep an eye on the front teeth and have them check the back during fall shots.

Dickie loves being the center of attention. He doesn't even care if that attention involves power tools in this mouth. 

Wolf tooth. sooo cute and wittle


  1. I always wish I'd kept Page's wolf teeth. I admit I'm weird that way lol. But they really were fascinating!

    We just did teeth last week. I always feel so sad for Dee at the time because I'm sure it's just not fun but I sure feel good once it's done.

    1. Not weird at all!! I have a few of Bre's baby teeth somewhere. The weird thing is that I don't know where they are and I keep thinking teeth will fall out of some box.

  2. My pretty princess... she was so very good! I was also amazed at how well Dickie behaved!

    1. He saw that Josey lived and that made him feel better.

  3. I have Chrome's wolf teeth and his baby caps that got stuck that the vet had to remove. :D Nothing weird about that at all.

    I'm glad the visit went well. That's weird that Dickie wasn't that drugged out. Chrome almost went to sleep at one point when he was done lol. Speaking of which I need to get Chrome's done again..... I hate finding new vets!