Saturday, April 13, 2013

Why I've Been too Busy to Blog

If you've been reading my blog for long you know what I staring working the graveyard shift as a nurse last July. I work three 12 hour shifts. That means I get to work at 700pm and off the next morning at 730am. Even on the best day twelve hour shifts are crazy. As a nurse you run up and down the halls doing plenty of physical work. You don't really get a lunch break most of the time. Charting takes so much time you don't get enough for patients so eating lunch while charting means you can actually get off at 730. Don't get me wrong I LOVE MY JOB!! I worked mental health for years so I am used to running around, no lunch breaks, and I used to get paid next to nothing for it. Now I get to work with an amazing team (instead of being isolated), have patients who are grateful for my care, and I earn a more than decent wage. However, graveyards+12 shifts+horses don't mix. Especially baby horses. It isn't like I can take the wild man in and ride or lunge with lessons going. These are the easiest lessons to  ride with but I don't want to subject them to his royal wildness. That means going in the morning which is a killer. Not to mention shows...... Anyone who has been to a show knows there is a day of prep, then you have to wake up at four the day of the show. Ponies need to eat, get clean, and stretch their legs before showtime at 800. I have only shown a few times but Romeo's girl is showing too.

This has all meant way to many days of getting off at 730 and not going to bed. It only takes doing that one time a month to really mess a person up. Anyhoo I STARTED DAY SHIFT!! Last week I started days and it was an adjustment. I also started school again two weeks ago. It was crazy the week before getting paperwork in order. The week before school I had an orientation that required me to work until 730am, being at orientation from 9-3pm, then back at work at 11pm.

Last weekend (my first week of school) an old riding student was in town (more on her later). It was so wonderful to spend time with her. She helped me work all the kids and I wished I could keep her. She is all grown up now and a real gem of a grown up.

Today my honey and I watched Breaking Bad all day and I pretended like I don't have horses and am not in school full time. Tomorrow I will go back to the real world......


  1. That is a crazy schedule! But that's fantastic that you are on day shift now. Hopefully you will have more time for the horses!

  2. That is a mad schedule. Now that your on day shift hopefully that means more horse time.

  3. I'm sooooo happy you're on day shift now!! My husband used to work 12 hour night shifts with a thirty minute commute one way so I totally know how you feel. It's so hard on your body to miss that much sleep, but on night shift sometimes you have to stay up just to get things done during normal business hours. It's horrible! I'm so, so happy you are on day shift! :D