Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Truckin' along

I know I haven't posted much about the beastie boy himself but that isn't because he's being ignored. Bre is at the same barn until the end of the week. It was getting hard to give them both love and still have time to make it over to the fancy barn. It is a bit of a trudge through the mud. I decided to focus on grooming and stable manners until the end of this month. I know that doesn't seem like much but at this point I don't want to push him physically anyway. I have been going out into the pasture and making sure he leaves me alone when I tell him. That is important because we will soon have another boarder and I am sure she won't want a giant monster chasing her horse off.

We have also revisited walking down the street. It is a short street but perfect for getting babies used to STUFF. Cars are few and and they go super slow so it is a really safe street. And there are plenty of scary things to look at. One of the neighbors has a goat farm and those little buggers make quite a ruckus when they get running. They have llamas for goat guard dogs and I think they are terrifying. Dickie is less worried about them than I am.

One thing I have noticed is that he often seems to be paying no attention to me but is in fact very attuned to my body language and commands. If Bre is looking into the distance without flicking an ear in my direction that means her mind is elsewhere. When she gets into that mode I have to first get her attention before she will respond to commands. Dickie on the other hand often surprises my by responding right on cue even when his mind seems a galaxy away. He can have his head way up in the air and looking a cow in the distance but will stop, back up, move away, all while still looking into the distance. He is such a dude, won't look me in the eye when I am talking to him!!!


  1. our horses sound alike! Irish will flick an ear and I know he's still tuned in but Steele surprises me with how much he's paying attention while appearing not to

  2. LOL! That last sentence cracked me up! :D Ground work, manners, grooming and hand walking down the street are all great things to work on! Nothing little about those things at all. Keep up the awesome work!