Sunday, June 9, 2013

Summer is Really Really Here....

The days have been warm and sunny around here. We get very excited about our summers here in the PNW. Winters are rainy, dark, and MUDDY. The pastures are dry now even in the soggiest spots. I am in heaven. I have been wanting my stepmomma Sue to come ride for ages. I didn't have anything for her at my last barn. I have been at the current place with Romeo for over three years but it was a crazy three years. We were busy taking care of her sister with late stage Huntington's disease and cancer. Then I was in nursing school. Then I was working an opposite schedule from her. 

Now after at least 15 years out of the saddle she came for a ride. She has only been on the occasional paid trail ride during my summer visits as a kid. She loves horses though and I have a feeling she is going to be a wonderful trail riding buddy. She did great. She is so smart. She asks all the right questions and picks up on things fast. She is more athletic and in better shape than I am!! Romeo was a bit jiggy every time we went up hills. I think he is convinced he will be left behind and is obsessed with his Bre. The great thing about Romeo is that he is really smooth. Bre is incredibly steady on the trails but is crazy bouncy. There is no sitting her trot. I think she might be ready to give Miss Bre a try next time though :)

Figured out how to stear Romers past the scary goats. 

Looks like she was meant to be up there. 

Feeling. Faint. Must. Eat. Grass. 

Romeo wearing Bre's fancy new halter. 

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  1. LOL! Feeling faint must eat grass! That had me cracking up! :D Looks like you have a great new trail buddy! So fun!