Saturday, June 8, 2013

Trail Ride FAIL

Josey's lovely lessee is out of a horse to ride because Josey moved with her momma up north this week :( When I knew Josey would be moving I asked if she might like to come out and love on Bre. She rode Bre back at the big arena and they got along great. She doesn't have a ton of technical experience but she has a really stable seat, long soft leg, and gentle hand. Bre is happy as can be with her up there. She called me to ask if she could take Bre for her first trail ride. I wanted to go but I also wanted to see if Romeo cold hanle Bre leaving so I decided to stay home. 

Romeo Fail: It is well established that Romeo goes crazy when left behind but I am always the one taking Bre so I haven't seen exactly what happens. I was hoping maybe he would be crazy then calm once she left. That wasn't the case. He got more worked up the longer she was gone. I was worried he would colic so I hand walked him. I need the exercise so I didn't mind. However, I am bummed that she can't take her for rides alone. Hopefully between Romeo's owner, Romeos Girl, and me there will always be someone to ride with her. 

Bre Fail: Bre's new friend did a great job getting her all pretty. She remembered everything I told her from the last time. She remembered that Bre loves a certain rubber curry and she is particular about her hind feet. She also remembered that Bre wears boots and asked where they were. To which I responded "Oh you are just walking it should be fine." I met them once on the trail in my car just to make sure that Bre wasn't balking her "Um, I don't go places alone anymore" spot but Bre seemed to know there wasn't a beginner on her back and they were already past the spot. Bre looked great. She had her big bouncy happy walk. When they arrived back I noticed a hink in her step and her rider said she had just started limping. Sure enough Bre had managed to half tear a shoe right off. AHHHHHH!! I went into panic mode because I used an out of town farrier for her. The nails were sticking out so if I couldn't get someone there I would have to take it off myself. I sent out some panicked texts for plan A), B), C), D), and E)......... Then just when my vet was helping me formulate a plan my farrier sent a text that he was two minutes down the road. Bre had literally walked past where he was trimming on her ride. YAY!!!! 

The day was salvaged and the only real loss was the fact that I was late for lunch with barn friends. Bre is getting pull on bell boots back on. I have kept them on her for the better part of a decade and every time I slack on this I am rewarded with a missing shoe. I have many memories of shoe searching in various weather conditions. Her farrier of three years has lulled me into a false sense of security because she keeps them on with him. I guess I won't win horse mom of the year.... 

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  1. LOL!!!!! Pulling a shoe really isn't that bad hehe. You should ask your farrier to show you how. My dad showed me when I was a kid and I used to do it by myself when one would come loose. :) I'm glad the trail ride went well! Sounds like her little beginner rider had fun. :D