Saturday, June 22, 2013

Why People Spend $100s on Breeches and other spendy attire

Aside: I haven't gotten to the liebster blog stuff because I've been busy with family medical things

Sooo a while back I went to my favorite dressage tack shop. It's called Glisan Street Saddlery and own by a local rider. She tries to keep a mix of the spendy and lower priced items but makes sure it quality regardless of the price tag. I bought my new boots there and was captured by her consignment room. I wanted all of it. I found a pair of Romfh full seats in this nice breathable material. They have a wide waistband that is particularly flattering on the round bellied person. I wouldn't have bought th full price but couldn't resist used.  There were two in different colors. OH MY! They are amazing to ride in. My first thought was "that's why people are willing to spend $200 on breeches" The waist band feels great the material breathes even when I'm sweating buckets and you can't see every simple in my ass. My second thought was "shit I have to burn all my breeches"

Summer is here and despite the moisture wicking capabilities I need something not full seat. I went into wilco today and found some kerrits with the same feel. I hope they work. My standards are pretty high now.

My other purchase from tack of the day was a kerrits ice fil shirt. I have to admit I've seen people with riding shirts and thought "I'm not going to pay $50+ for a shirt when my $5 old navy mark down works just fine" The older I get the less tolerant I am about being hot. Those cheap tees cling the fat rolls and hardly cover boobs without an under shirt. And the sweat sure seems to stick around. The first day I work my new shirt I was pissed. It looked great on but I didn't magically feel cooler. In fact I thought I was going to die during my lesson. Of course it wasn't the 90 degree or my lack of fitness. It had to be the shirt. Then a few weeks later I realized that's all I reached for when I rode. It breathes, I don't need an undershirt. It seems like it will be see through but it isn't. Dirt doesn't stick to it.

Well shit. Now I have to wear $50 shirts AND $200 breeches.  might turn into a dressage queen yet. Although somehow I think dressage queens wash their breeches more often than I do and wouldn't be caught dead in a synthetic saddle with duct tape. I also doubt they ask their best friend to sew up the crotch of used breeches. There is hope for me.


  1. HAHAHA welcome to the Dark Side :) Just wait...a pair of custom boots will soon be calling to you ;)

  2. Better pick up some extra shifts!

  3. I'm really wanting some riding rubber ones just are not cutting it in this warmer weather! Bonus, though... we got the pool finally up, so when I am done mucking around (literally and figuratively) I can jump in the pool!

  4. ha! I can so relate to this post! I'm terrified to even TRY on a pair of expensive breeches for just that reason...

  5. I love Glisan Street! It was such a loss to mewhen we moved to montana. It is seriously. On of the best tack shops I've ever known. I always make a stop there when I'm in town visiting.

  6. LOL! You crack me up! Oh and I don't know what I would do without my Kerrits (tights) breeches. They are so much cooler than regular breeches. :) I've noticed I'm not dealing as well with the heat this year.... :( Sucks getting older lol.