Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Let the good times roll

I love trail riding. I love splashing through the rain. I love jumping logs and wading through creeks. And more than anything I love a good long gallop. That's why I love eventing. You get to take a trail ride as part of the show! 

Dickie and I were both decked out in reflective gear so the wine tasters could see us coming. 

Bre and I have always had access to trails. In Alaska there were miles of trails we could access winter and summer. In Oregon we were on the edge of over a 1,000 acres along the clackamas river. Miles and miles of footing w just the right amount of river sand that allowed us to tear it up rain or shine. Bre's current retirement barn only has a small loop and some polo fields. 

We had a quick warmup in the ring. 

I've missed being outside so much. I just found out that Dickie and I are a short ride away from trails. One of the neighbors backs up to a farm that donated the land for equestrian use. Sunday the weather was lovely so we hit the road. It's about a half mile up the road then a half mile up a private drive. We let the horses trot up the drive (a decent grade hill) and I was shocked that my ho dee dum appy was asking for more at the top. 

He was so good that my friend gave us a ride home. 

Once at my friends house we hooked up to the trail system. Those trails are still a bit soft so we couldn't trot or canter but they are fantastic. The footing will be great once it dries. Lots f hills, a little creek, and even a horse bridge. 

He got to have some yummy grass at my friend's house before heading home. 

And Dickie was a bomb diggety rockstar. He had his moments. He was appalled that there was running water on either side of the rode and decided that a jeep was somehow more terrifying than the giant dump truck. But he kept forging on and even took the lead for a large portion of the ride. He was bold and forward and fun. Other than short jaunts up the road he hasn't been on a trail ride and he was game the whole time. He was such a good boy that we ended while he still had spunk in him. My friend have us a ride home since he was getting a little tired and the hill home is steep. I can't wait to take him again!


  1. That's so awesome and great for you guys to get out of the ring!

  2. sounds fabulous! I'm glad that you found it!

  3. What fun!! Dickie is such a rock star!!!! Lucky dog having trails... *pout* Am I the only one in blog land that only has roads to ride on?? I hope to read more (and see more pictures) of lots more trail rides with Dickie. :D