Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lesson Win

So far I have been taking lessons on Frankie and trainer has been riding Dickie while I am at work. Takings lessons on baby horse was pointless. We were working on such basics that it would be a waste to pay someone to tell me the obvious. However, we are past the point of just getting down go, stop, and turn. He is going over poles, he is trail riding like a champ, and even gets himself looking fancy in the bridle. I have ridden Frankie enough to have regained some modicum of coordination in my legs. My hip is still twisted up but if I think really hard and stick my tongue out I can almost get it straight. 

I booted up today so I was ready to take my turn on the spotted brown horse. For some reason I get really nervous taking lessons with anyone but my old trainer. I have had some bad expiriences with finding new trainers. It seems that if you don't get on and do things their way they assume you don't know anything and want to start over and treat you like a begginer. Sadly at this point in my riding sometimes looks terrible but there is a rider under there somewhere. I was nervous but she has seen my ride a trained horse so at least she knows what I am capable of. 

Watch out this will be us. 

I got on first and she zeroed in on the fact that I am giving him way too much slack. I assume he isn't getting what he needs from me so I give up just a little too soon. We are getting a nice forward trot on the long sides but he gets tight on circles or corners. I kind of half assed put my outside leg on him to keep his shoulder from popping out then do a crazy thing with my inside arm. Then I just give up because I feel bad he has to put up with me. I almost get what I need then just crap out. After I rode trainer got on and didn't give him any excuses. Then back on went mom. I sat up and rode like I knew how. She had home moving forward and fancy so I could feel what he was capable of. Trainer got on my case when I needed to keep my hands together and put my leg on. And BAM!! My horse felt amazing. He floated. I could feel him sit, his back come up, and stretch down into the bridle. I felt like I was riding a fancy assed trained dressage horse. 

Us? No, not with me on board. 

From now on I just ride. I don't feel bad for him that he is stuck with an out of shape owner with a twisted hip. He is my horse. I might not be perfect but he has to learn my ways  regardless. And if today is any measure of what we can do together it might be pretty fancy. She works spotted pants on Weds in april and I happen to have every Weds off. Looks like it is lesson time for us for awhile. 


  1. what a beautiful horse. You will have a blast on lessons with him!

  2. Yay for lessons on Dickie and for not treating him like a baby anymore! You're one up (or two actually) on me lol! I'm excited for the awesome progress you guys are making. Oh and I love the Appy pictures. :D