Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Over the River and Through the Woods

Just getting to Inavale ended up being the most challenging part of our weekend. I had originally planned on riding with the friend I board with but she had a family emergency come up and wasn't going to be in town. My other friend could pick me up but she was working Friday until late and we are waaaaay off the beaten path from her. I decided to ask my mom to borrow her older truck. She has an F-250 diesel that I used to haul our horses with. It isn't used much so I wouldn't want to go on a long haul until I get a tune up. However, it was a fairly quick jaunt from Dickie's to Bre's which would put him right off I5 on the way to Inavale. My other friend was coming for one day and bringing her small horse in her non-Dickie sized trailer. We both had Thurs/Friday off and planning on getting horses moved and polished and all the things packed. 

Leaving my mom's driveway for the epic Inavale Adevneture of 2014

In he morning I headed off to borrow my mom's truck and she went to double check her trailer connections. Lo and behold her brand new brake box was flashing crazy lights that didn't match anything in the trouble shooting manual. We decided to get Dickie moved then drop her truck w the trailer off at her mechanic. We still would have plenty of time to pack and wash ponies. We were running ahead and it seemed like it would be a horse show without a major crisis. We tempted the fates by such a thought even entering our minds. 

On our way down Dickie's steep drive the truck brakes decided to go on strike. So there we were with a pissed off pony in a hot trailer and no way to get him from point A to B. My initial thought "PANIC PANIC!!!!" If it is someone else's crisis I am good. If it is my crisis that will require me needing bailed out I am not so calm. My next thought "Don't panic, I know people with trucks" which was quickly followed by "GODAMN IT!!! My phone is dead. The numbers are in my phone." Thank god for FB becuase we managed to message someone who was on his way in minutes. 

In the midst of trying to figure out who to contact, Dickie had started throwing a shit fit in the trailer because he thinks standing still is torture and Erin's trailer has shrunk in the last year. My friend started hand walking him and when we went to put him back for the haul home he didn't want to stay in. He wanted to turn around and come out with me and his quick release halter was a bit too quick. So with darkness setting my dark horse went trotting down a dark asphalt road. Fortunately Dickie isn't easy to get rid of and he trotted right back and put his head in the halter.

Dickie chilling in Bre's arena (the next day because it was dark when we made arrived)

Once we got home we had to dump him off and run because it was past 10pm. We still had to get back to the stranded truck, move it to Dickie's barn (safe and all uphill so no need for brakes), then get a car from my dads (my car was waaaaaaay out at my moms), then get friend's rig to her mechanic and at some point sleep. We did get all the things done and all the cars where they needed to be. And everyone was sleeping by 2am. 

Luckily transferring all the trunks from broken truck to non broken truck wasn't too hard. 

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  1. OMG that is awful! I'm glad that was the only crises. I don't do well with my own crises either lol. The thing about the brakes is scary and the loose horse on the road part. I'm glad it all worked out in the end.