Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Photo's of our Wonder Trio (wordier description of events to follow)

I would like to add that the photographer for all the jumping photos was our 13yo groom who had never held a fancy camera in her life. 

Down the centerline for our first dressage test ever!!

He has his thinking face on. 
It wasn't pretty but he cantered!! And he cantered all the way around. 

And we halt. Closer to E than X,  rules are so boring. 

Just crossed the finish line.....We were HC so we just trotted around the course. He thought all the big prelim jumps were going to eat him but I think he had fun. 

The little wonder arab won 4th place at her first event!! She's only school xc once two years ago and found out she could attend a little over a week ago. Go ARAB power!!

Tari schooling the BN trakehner after the show. 

Tari's final jump.
The third member of our gang going over her final jump on day two. She won her division that day!! 


  1. Replies
    1. You and Steele are next!! Our boys are growing up too fast.

  2. Wow the little thirteen year old did a great job with the pictures. Dickie is so cute! I love your rules are boring caption hehe.

    1. I was so proud of her photog skills. We are hoping that next time she gets a chance to actually ride.