Friday, June 6, 2014

Views Around the Farm (heavy on photos, light on words)

Stadium set for prelim Sat am

View looking back from the finish of intro/BN/N

An upper level jump with a cute turtle on top. 

The last intro fence. 

Another view of the course. 

They have two water complexes and the frogs were singing away. 

It was cloudy Sun Am when prelim went. 

Prelim rider coming through the water complex. 

Same rider sailing over the corner on on her way out of the water. 

The dressage rings were swampy like the warmup but stil had their fair share of holes. 


  1. Your prelim rider through the water complex photo is the same as the one above it without the rider.

    Other than the swampy warm up it looks like a great facility! I'm glad you had a mostly positive experience. :D

    1. Inavale is gorgeous. I really want to go back to school but my old truck doesn't like freeway driving so I need to get someone with a younger speedier truck