Saturday, May 2, 2015

Dickie Goes to Boot Camp

Dickie has been worked twice a week by my trainer since my parents passed away. I've always hated the idea of putting a horse in training but I really wanted him in shape by the time I was ready to ride. His loose stifles mean the first few months of riding are essentially PT. Lots of walking over poles, hill work, and trot poles. 

His quads weren't building up much at the old barn because we didn't have access to poles and the hilly areas were slick. He has improved by leaps and bounds in the last month but he really needs to be worked more than twice a week. I can't ride but I can finally walk well enough to do ground work. There are some telephone poles we walk over and the indoor always has cavaletis out. I'm able to back him up ten steps ten times. All the ground work has the added benefit of reminding Dickie that he does in fact have to mind the humans. My trainer makes him remember manners but he's the kind of horse who needs to be handled everyday. Give him an inch and he will body slam you to China. 

The long slow walks seem to be helping me. We wander and when I'm too sore I sit down. Standing in one place is torture for the Spotted Princlett so that's a valuable lesson in itself. Hopefully we will both be in fighting shape by the summer! 


  1. "If you give him an inch he will body slam you to China" totally cracked me up!!! Such a great way to describe his mentality. :D I'm glad PT is going well for both of you. I hope you are both in shape, pain free and happy really soon.

    1. That's my Dickie. He sees no reason why he shouldn't be in your lap. The fact that he's a 16.3 mammoth doesn't matter to him. Must walk on top of you and jump in your lap.