Monday, May 4, 2015

Grounded in Paradise

I've had to move a few times in the last few years but I've been really lucky to find great places for the horses.  I believe strongly that getting out of the arena is good for the equine mind and body. This is no exception. There are miles of wide open trails. There are a few slick spots now but it is fine for walking and some trotting. In the summer it will be perfect for cantering and galloping. 

Last weekend my friend (Blue's owner) wanted to go for a ride with her BFF. Dickie needs long slow trail miles so it was perfect. You can see his spotted butt just in front of the camera. Everyone at the barn said he did great. I guess he jigged a little to start then settled right in. 

I'm so jealous. I can't wait to go for a ride. I love getting out on the trails. Trotting and cantering on uneven ground is the best for getting in shape. In a month I'm cleared to ride surgically. My leg pain seems like it might be a herniated disc rather than the piriformis but that does tend to get well on its own. Slowly. Way too slowly. 

I might not get to ride like the other kids but at least the scenery is amazing. For now I'll just putz along at a snails pace and work on my tan. 


  1. I hope the disc heals up quickly. My hubby has disc problems (I think two herniated), but I think it was nerve pain that has caused all of this to be such a long time healing (not just sciatica, there was something else they couldn't find on MRI and wanted to do a dye test but we said no). He hurt his back in 2010... and is only now getting to start riding again (but he wasn't in riding shape before the injury either). I hope yours isn't that bad!! :(

  2. Ugh yeah herniated discs do take a while. Hubby hurt his back in 2010 and is only now riding, but he had two or three herniated disc, sciatica and some sort of weird nerve pain. Hang in there! You will get back to riding soon!