Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pippin Took is a working man

The Pipster spent his first three years as a wild stud. The last two years were spent at an amazing rescue. He was so shy of people that it was a long struggle just to get a halter on him and for him to tolerate a farrier. In the months before moving to my friends house he really started coming out of his shell. Sending him to my friend worked out perfectly. She did all the hard work of getting him to tie, wear saddles, and be haltered by anyone. 

I thought he might need a week to decompress after his ride to a new place but he continues to surprise. Every time we get him out he seems perfectly happy to go on adventures. When he gets worried he never panics and with just w little reassurance he comes right back to you. 

He doesn't like to be walked on the off side and if he's worried he doesn't want people to stand out of his sight (by his shoulder, or torso). Everyday he gets better. He hasn't even been with us for a week and he's tolerating nose kisses, hugs, and being led in by strangers. He even seems to enjoy all the fuss. 
I think he's going to turn into a steady Eddie once he realizes humans are awesome. 


  1. He is so adorable!!!!!!!! How are you going to ever part with him when the time comes?? I'd be so attached already!

    1. Pippin isn't going anywhere. I always have friends wanting to go for a ride and wish I had two horses. Plus it's nice to have backup for when one throws a shoe before a show. He's so sweet.

    2. Oh yay!!!!!!! I thought I read somewhere that he was just a project. I had no idea you were keeping him. I'm so happy and excited! :D