Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fly Mask Problems

I brought this horse home July 7th so I have just had him a month. In that time he has been through 3 fly masks. My BO hunted them down for the first few times but she finally gave up. The pasture is big with pretty tall grass in sections. The horses also carry them around so if you notice the mask in one spot then go back to get it later they probably moved it. I scoured the pasture today and found two of the masks. I did not find the nice UV blocker mask with ears that I bought his first day at the stable.  That mask made it one day and we haven't been able to find it despite multiple search missions. He has the prominent sclera of appys and this makes him more prone to eyelid cancer so it is extra important that he wears a mask. I am not sure how to keep these suckers on. It looks like they actually ate Velcro off one of the masks. Is it possible they ate his fancy mask whole like a couple of labradors? I thought only dogs were capable of ingesting large inedible items. 

I am taking out a safety release halter tomorrow and he is wearing it over his fly mask. I want to see if that works before I buy another fancy mask. If that doesn't work maybe I can superglue it to his face?


  1. We have trouble with our herd and masks too. Some keep them on all the time and some others are forever losing theirs. We find it helps to put a halter on. Then again I've had one or two come in with the mask hanging off their faces held on by the noseband only. Go figure. How do they do this.

    I see you know Labradors. We once had a great dog who swallowed a hunting sock whole. Surgery was needed to get it out.

  2. I wonder if there is something you could spray on the mask to make it taste awful (like the stuff you spray on kid's fingers to make them stop biting their nails). Maybe your vet would have a suggestion?
    A couple of toys in the pasture (like a Jolly Ball) might help to distract and redirect your little miscreants and give them something else to chew on. *laugh*
    Just a thought (well, okay, two ;o)

  3. I am hoping the halter does the trick. It is funny that the two year old ends up with his fly mask off. I would think the he would be removing them. They do have toys but it is more fun to destroy fly masks. I think I will try putting some of the anti wood chewing stuff on his mask as long as it doesn't burn people hands (or eyes).