Friday, August 3, 2012

Pedicure Time

Today was a much needed farrier day. When he arrived in Oregon he was due but my farrier was out of town. When he got back into town the only days he could come out were work days for me. He trims my mare alone but I wasn't sure how the spunky 2yo would react so I needed to be there. We had a little incident where he tried to lie down on me because he wasn't in the mood to pick his feet up so I was a little worried. He has had regular trimmings since purchased by Pony Up so I hoped that his early dramatic behavior was just a fluke. Today he was fantastic. The farrier says he has great feet. That is a change from having tiny QH feet and flaky TB feet on my previous horses. Now he is on the same schedule as every one else and would probably be safe to trim without me present. 

This is a picture of Dickie and his best friend. It was love at first sight for Harley and Dickie. They are glued to each other in the field every time I catch them. They don't get panicky when separated luckily and I love that he has a best friend. Other horses can teach him more about appropriate behavior than I ever could. My only complaint about this relationship is the loss of fly masks. Harley has Houdini lips. Usually Harley waits outside in the paddock but he couldn't resist coming in for attention. Dickie didn't seem to mind sharing in the least. If Harley looks like a pony, he isn't. My guy is just a giant. I know a horse can't grown in a month and they don't generally gain much height after two but...... I swear he is bigger!!! 

Here he is visiting with Patches while the other horses finish getting their feet trimmed. I love how shiny he is. He isn't in love with being brushed (he would rather have face rubs and eat the brushes) but I managed to put some elbow grease into him yesterday. I am thinking that tacking a bath is next. 

The chickens at Bre's barn love making nests in her stall. This years batch is getting big. I was very sad when the nieghbors dog came over and ate a few of the chickens they had for several years. I didn't realize how attached I could get to chickens. I love calling "comeeeeeere GIRLS" and watching their fat little bodies waddle as they run. There is a set of ducks that were found abandoned by their momma's but I couldn't get them in the picture. They are just getting coordinated with flying now. It is pretty funny to watch them. 

Bre found the perfect morsel of grass on the dirt bike ramp the kids made. She is looking quite shiny herself. I need to get on her and go for an adventure. I have been getting reports of how wonderful she has been. 

She came over to see if I had a treat then left the second she realized I was useless to her. Looking at her pretty face still makes me smile 11 years later. 

Romeo looking fat and sassy after cleaning up at 4-H county fair. He qualified for state and will be heading off this month to snatch up more ribbons.


  1. They can to grow in a month! Chrome put on half an inch one month during his two year old year. If you haven't done so already you can look at my labels and click the one called progress report. That will show the monthly progress reports I've done since I got him as a five month old. I measured him every month so you can actually see how much he grew each month. It was so much fun to watch his growth like that. :D There were times when he was a yearling that he grew almost an inch in a month! Crazy!

    I'm glad Dickie was great for the farrier and that he has great feet! That's always the best compliment from a farrier. :D

  2. Okay I misread my post about how much Chrome had grown during his two year old year. He only grew an inch from two years to three years old. Weird considering he grew six inches from his one year old to two year old years. I hope he makes it to 16hh, but I'm beginning to doubt it. They can grow until they are six so maybe. And my way of measuring him isn't super accurate so who knows. :)