Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Wonderful Horsey Day

I am pulling an all nighter to get ready to work three days in a row. It is the end of a totally perfect horsey day. I met my friend and her adorable little boy and showed her some of my fave tack spots in Portland. Then I played with Dickie who is as smart as ever. I brought a clicker and a toy with me. He figured out click=treat in about five clicks. Then I went to reserve a stall at the new barn for Oct 1st. It was just as nice as I remembered. After that I headed back for a ride on Bre. We went on a bareback jaunt through the woods and I ended up tearing my t-shirt in half because I misjudged the hieght of some branches on a game trail. I was so happy that I didn't run into anyone on the ride back because they would have been blinded by the white skin on my back fat. It was a long day and I am sore from all the walking and riding but I feel great.

I took a few pics from the new barn's website so you can see new digs. I officially gave notice today. The current owner was so nice about it. She understood my reasons. I might be able to leave before the 30 days because someone just called about a stall recently. If the other person still needs a stall I can move before Oct 1st.

The day started with wishful window shopping. What a heavenly sight, rows and rows of consignment saddles......

Dickie's stall looks just like this (I think his shares a wall).... 

His stall is the second from the end. The one next to the horse peeking out. 

I took this one today. It is of his personal run attached to his stall. I had already walked a ways before I took the picture, if that gives you any idea of the size. It goes all the way to the far fence. There is rock/gravel just outside the door so it probably won't get too muddy :)  He gets to be out 24/7. YAY!!!

This is of the round pen the built last year. It is so nice. It is all wood so there are no worries of a frisky kick resulting in a leg through the fence. 

Finished product.....

 Enough about what the pony gets. I get one of these wondeful tack lockers You can walk into the locker and stand up by barely scrunching. 


  1. Nice place! Cant wait to see pictures of you guys all moved in.

  2. Wow, that looks like a nice barn!! Great roundpen, but what I'd be super excited about is that big turn-out!!! That's the size turn-out every horse should get, I think. But...life's perfect for none of us, right? If only... :)
    You hit the nail on the head for me and about riding. I have gained so much weight, and I'm so stinking out of shape that it's laughable!! I don't even need to wonder why my confidence is sorely lacking the last several years...good grief!! If I fall, I'm in serious danger of rolling like a beach ball unless we're on flat ground, then you'll just hear a loud thud. My friend tells me all the time (it's her mantra, I think)..."do what you can, where you're at, with what you've got". That's how I roll...no pun intended.

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! The new place looks awesome!!! I can't wait until Dickie sees it. He's going to be so excited! :D

    1. He sure loves rolling in the round pen. He's a little offended that he can't just roll at will when it I work time.