Thursday, August 16, 2012

Youtube Rescue Horse

I am up late because I work tomorrow and try to say up until at least 5am the night before I work a grave. I was looking at horse videos and really have no idea how I stumbled upon this young woman. When I first saw the videos I thought it was adorable that she was so smitten by her horse. So many young people get focused on the ribbons and lose sight of the fact that riding involves another creature.

Here is a young lady who looks to be a promising rider at the top levels. Yet she is deep down still that little girl who always wanted a horse.

Click here to see the story of her 15.3 Clyd/TB cross who was rescued and is now at top level jumping and loving it. If you are a big sucker you might want to have tissues around, damn teenagers and their youtube video music. It is wonderful that even when her trainers told her the horse was too small and she needed a new one she didn't believe them and went elsewhere. Good for her!!! Check out her other videos too. That horse is having a blast.

The next time some fancy trainer tells you right away you need a new horse just because yours doesn't have the right pedigree think twice. If the horse is built for the job and loves the job, eff off everyone.

No news on the pony front here. It is too hot. I can't stand myself and have no interest in forcing them into labor until it at least gets back into the 90s.

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  1. Wow! Now I'm in tears, thanks a lot! That was beautiful. :) What an amazing team. Now I'm going to go watch the rest of her videos lol.