Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Miss My Ponies!!!!

I had my lovely planner, Dickie's big boy saddle was in the mail, I was very very motivated with that show coming up soon.... Then my nose started to run a little and I was coughing on Friday. I didn't think too  much about it because I have asthma and terrible allergies. Saturday I had a make up Christmas dinner planned with my mom and once I woke up I realized I was sick. I didn't want to cancel because we had already put it off once. Sweating and coughing I made it through cooking a full turkey dinner with the help of my much Better Half and the BFF. (Don't worry the BFF was the one who touched food, and there was lot's of hand sanitizer on my part). The day came off without a hitch but by the end of it I felt sicker than I have been in years. That is saying a lot because I constantly had some kind of cold in nursing school. And pneumonia is frequently the exclamation point to the end of my colds due to my asthma.

Super yummy feast!!!

Long story short I have been in bed since Sunday. My biggest activities are eating food someone else cooked and the daily washing of my sweat drenched sheets (sexy huh). I am missing three days of work in all this and am out of sick days (I am a new employee without much accrual and already had a few colds). I work on a transplant unit and my patients are all taking immunosuppresants. I don't think they would appreciate this bug. I finally had the energy to go to urgent care yesterday. I had grand plans of being able to drive myself but that was short lived and I got a ride. I have pneumonia and a major asthma flare. The good news is I have two 60mg doses of prednisone in me at this and can breathe a little better. Still a bit of a mess but being able to lay flat without wheeze/hacking is amazing. I didn't realize how bad my breathing was until it is starting to get better.

Polishing my show boots is the closest I can get to the barn right now. 

I miss the ponies so much. This was going to be a good week for riding. Next week I really need to focus on Dickie and Romeo for the show. I am so grateful my horses are being taken care of. Josey's mom even saved my by picking up grain for Dickie. The big man can't go hungry. He's probably already a pain in the ass with the lack of handling. I can't imagine him at dinner time with no vittles in his bucket. Dickie's new saddle is sitting on the couch calling to me. I sat on it a few times since I can't put it on a horse yet. It has the med-wide gullet installed but it looks pretty narrow. I think it will fit the baby boy right now. I was hoping he med-wide would fit the grown up horses because I also have a med for Dickie. I think the grown ups will probably need a wide. The saddle looks really amazing for a synthetic. The gullet is nice and wide. The panels look even and balanced. I hope it fits Dickie but between all the horses I ride I know it will fit one of them. I miss having a close contact. I am a dressage girl at heart but there are things I don't like to do in a dressage saddle. 

Watch out ponies. I can jump in this one!! 


  1. OMG I totally missed this post and I just asked how you were doing on FB! Sorry! I feel like there's so much sickness going around...hope you kick it soon.

    And the saddle looks great! I hope you enjoy it! I had actually tried a bunch of saddles on G and this one fit amazing well and you're right, it looks great! Keep us posted.

  2. Awww that sucks being so sick! I'm glad you are feeling better. Congrats on the saddle. Keeping my fingers crossed it fits both of yours.

  3. It seems to fit really well. I haven't put it on Romeo or Josey but they are next. I can't wait to see how it feels over fences.