Friday, January 4, 2013

What To Bring in the Show Ring Bucket?

This is a question for readers out there. What are your must haves for the ring side bucket (or tote, or whatever you use) ?

I haven't shown in ages and I want to make sure we have the important stuff handy. Here is what I plan on keeping ring side:

  1. Extra yarn/bands to for last minute braid/band crisis. Or for unanticipated tack/clothing crisis requiring McGiver repairs.
  2. Hoof Polish
  3. Boot rag
  4. Horse rag
  5. Hair spray
  6. Water spray bottle
  7. Scissors
  8. Baby oil
  9. Body brush
  10. Tail brush
  11. Show Sheen
  12. TREATS!!!

What else? I like to keep it as simple as possible. I don't want to pack the barn around with us but I want those last minute things that make you look extra shiny in the ring.


  1. Hubby has to tote things around for me, so I'm a minimalist. Water or gatorade, a rag, camera, and any various pieces of tack that I think I might want (martingale, different bit, etc).

  2. I like those wipes of show sheen and a towel is invaluable. My favourite towel is the kind that golfers use -they have a ring to hang them up.

    also you should have some granola bars or snack items for yourself.

    and lastly safety pins. you never know when they might be needed.

    1. Oh yes safety pins!! I have to put those in. Never know when I might need them. Show sheen wipes sound like a great idea too. That would mean one less bottle to lug.

  3. Green Spot remover! Perfect for everything from cleaning up white legs before you go in the ring to washing horse snot off your hands.

    1. I am not realizing I might curse that one while sock he has. I thought it was cute but the other day I zeroed in on how muddy and gross it is. Maybe i can dye it black for the show? Bre was such a blessing after my first gray mare. Bre has only a small white star. SHe's shiny as a copper penny every where else. Brush her once and it looks like she had a bath and was dipped in show sheen.