Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We Trailer to the Show Friday AHHHHH!!!!

I haven't been to a show in FOREVER!! The only shows I have been to were the dressage shows at my old stable. And by "been to" I mean worked at the show. About seven years ago I rode Bre in the show but I was already at the barn with all my things so it was super easy. Getting organized to take a three year old and a student to an away show is a whole different ball game. I decided not to take a horse for me to ride. Taking one horse will keep me busy enough for the first show out. 

I work Weds/Thurs so I don't get off until Friday at 730am. That means I get a short nap then have to hit the ground running Friday so we can haul out. It is too cold here for a bath but Dickie shines up with nothing but a good curry. I am cursing his one white sock but at least it only comes up to his fetlock. I can clean that with a bucket of warm water. My friend is much worse off with her very loud paint. At least we keep them blanketed so she will just need to get his legs clean. We will also go armed with green spot remover and horsey spray paint. 

My plan is to take a quick nap Friday after work then start packing. I have been making lists of what I need because my brain will be working on limited sleep. We are going to start shuttling horses at two. That will give us a few hours to settle in before the open arena starts. I am not sure how I will get Dickie worked. There are three indoors but one will have some practice classes running and I bet the other two will be too crowded for longing. There are two outdoor arenas but I haven't been there in 15 years so I have no idea if they are winter riding safe. I guess I will just have to wing it. Worst case scenario is that Dickie is too wild to go into the class but that is fine with me. 

Saturday will be an early morning. The halter classes start at eight so we need to be there by six at the latest. A thermos of coffee is going to be my best friend. I will get as man pictures as I can. It should be a fun day if we get just get ourselves there in one piece. 


  1. Good luck! I can't wait to read how he does!

  2. have a fabulous time showing off your horses!!!

  3. Sounds like fun! Can't wait to hear all about it. I am planning on doing some shows with Chance next year. I will do a bunch of trail riding this spring and summer and arena work to get her more broke. I miss showing!

  4. Fingers crossed all goes smoothly! Have fun :)

  5. Good luck you two! Take lots of pics and notes so that I know what to expect for the next one! Once things dry out a bit, my spotted Princess will be going!!!!!

  6. Baby powder works great for making a white sock look whiter. :D

    You're going to have so much fun! I can't wait to see pictures!

    Oh and I probably would have been like you and just opted not to take a horse to ride. Just way too much work!! You'll be busy enough helping Romeo and his girl and showing Dickie around.

    1. It ended up being way more fun just hopping on other peoples horses. Next time I will be up for several horses.