Saturday, January 26, 2013

Show Photos

I don't have much in the way of Dickie photos. I brought my camera thinking it would take better pics than the iphone and I could just hand it off to a friend in the stands. Something was wrong with it and 90% turned out super blurry even if I wasn't moving. 

I am exhausted so a longer post will have to wait. Dickie was a trooper. He hopped right in the trailer to and from. He was feeling a little wild but listened and kept crazy to a minimum. If the show hadn't been running 30 mins behind (for the first class of the day, go figure) he probably would have even still still for his whole halter class. 

Romeo had a couple stress moments but overall they looked amazing. 

You can see Dickie's little white blaze peeking out the window. He loaded like an old show horse. 
The downfall of the show grounds was the cagelike stalls. He was not impressed by lack of a proper window. 
Our row organized with the horses tucked in for the night.  It looked like a bomb went off within 20 mins of our arrival in the am. 

Chevy found a way to get his nose out in the aisleway to beg for treats. 

Romeo was happy as long as he got to hang out in the aisleway. 

Romeo showing his disgust for having his socks whitened.. Notice the tiny hole that Chevy liked to stick his nose out of. 

Romeo looking very handsome. 

Trotting pony. 

First time in arena with more than three horses (there were probably 20)
Dickie just before he realized he had been standing still for over 30 mins  and it was time to get FANCY. 
Me trying to get him out of the arena without body slamming anyone. 

Chilling after a hard morning of work.
My two partners in crime relaxing in the warm up arena. 

Chevy showing his arab side with some spunk. 

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  1. I should have said that we had MAD FUN! Dickie wasn't pleased about being in a stall when we were having fun just outside of the door but I think he was happy to be on an adventure w his people.

  2. Aww that's too bad about the camera messing up, but I'm glad you got some pictures and that you had so much fun!! :D

    1. I am no fancy camera person like you but I do like to have something that actually works. I used to have a little digital kodak basic camera and it was the best. I lost it and have hated the new one since day one.