Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bre's Big (temporary) Move

Bre's stable has an upper and lower pasture. Last year the upper pasture was replanted and we have to keep the horses off it. We can let them on it for short periods but when it is wet like this they can't be on it at all. It is a sacrifice but in the long run it is going to be for the best. Last year they hung out in the outdoor arena and we were able to ride in it until March. We didn't use the lower pasture because there is a steep hill between the two pastures and we worried about it getting too slick. 

This year the arena turned to muck immediately. It has progressed from muck to soup. We started letting them go to the lower pasture out of desperation. Until recently they have managed to navigate the hill safely but now the ground is really saturated. I received a text message that the horses were slipping dangerously. She wanted to know if I would be open to moving them for three months. That would let them revamp the arena and for everything to dry out. The only other option would be to leave them in their nighttime paddocks. There are a fine gravel with special drainage so there is no mud to speak of. However, they are small and Bre colics if she can't run around. I would have to move her for a few months and Romeo can't be left behind. 

Soooooo.... In 24 hours we got the fourth stall ready at Bre's barn, and the BO did rearranging so Romeo could fit at the main barn. It would have been awesome to have Romeo with Bre but there isn't room. It would also require his Girl, a young teen, to walk him through nasty mud in the dark to the main arena. I think it will be great for Romeo to be on his own a little. He is crazy herd bound to Bre. If he even suspects she is leaving he will kick is stall, scream and attack any chickens in reach. I am worried he will hurt himself if I take her on a ride. He is in a pen between other horses so he can sniff noses but won't have one horses to focus on. 

We hauled the horses separately because we didn't want them to realize they were boarded so closely but unable to be in the same pen. It will be fun to have Romeo at the big indoor for a few months while RG is competing on the HS eq team. I am hoping to get his flying changes going before 4h this summer. It will be fun for me to have Bre and Dickie in the same place. In the long run Bre is better off where she was at back at her old place. She gets daily love from multiple people there. However, I am going to have a blast for a few months. 

More on how the integration went soon.

Bre showing Dickie her stuff. 
Romeo looking shiny even with his winter coat. 


  1. Bre is soooo pretty!! That's too bad that they are having so many problems with the place where she was, but I'm glad there was a simple alternative while they do repairs. And you get to play with Bre more! Yay!

    1. We are looking at it as a fun adventure. It is hard for Bre though because she is used to having love dauly and I am not out there every day. She is such a sweet sweet mare.