Tuesday, February 19, 2013

High School Equestrian

I had yet another marathon weekend. I am so over graveyards. I got off work on Thursday at 730am, changed Bre's dressing, gave her antibiotics, then attempted to nap for a few hours. Romeo and his Girl were supposed to show at 230pm. I made the hour long trek to the show grounds only to find out there were postponed by two hours. An extra two hours of sleep would have been amazing. 

As it turned out it wasn't a wasted two hours. Our Girl was nervous and needed help getting her pattern down. Romeo's mane was also a hot mess and I took a few inches off. In the end they looked fantastic. They also did great on all the patterns we had actually practiced. They didn't bring home any ribbons but the classes had 30-40 kids and many were seniors. I wanted to see her score in the top/middle of the pack and they did exactly that when the patterns were correct. The complicated patterns that we hadn't practiced were a disaster. I was happy with the results though. She was so calm on focused throughout. It just showed us we need to practice more at home. 

Tuesday we are planning a "trail" night. We are setting up poles so we can actually practice the patterns. There is a girl who might take Bre to the next event so I will bring the red mare over. I plan on taking Josey too. 


  1. I like that halter! :D

    Graveyard shifts totally suck. Will you eventually get the option to switch to days? I hope so!

    I'm glad Romeo and his Girl did well! Each show is practice for the next time. Keep up the great work!

  2. I get to switch over to days early April It is going to make horsey time much easier. I was very proud of my little team. I hope she was proud.