Friday, May 31, 2013

Power Steering

One interesting side affecting of riding the boy is the burning pain in my left bicep. The stinko really doesn't feel like turning to left and my piss poor rope halter rein set slid on the left side so he could really brace on the left. I woke up wondering why my arm felt like I got a tentanus shot then realized it was just Dickie.

After my ride I went to sit on Miss Bre the queen of power steering. If you even think "Left" that is where she goes. She was in her paddock when I arrived so I got on and did a few circles just to remind myself of my girl's super smooth turning. Then she sighed, rolled her eyes, and looked back at me like "Is this neccesary, I was napping?" I let her return to alternating between napping and squealing at Romeo with me on board. She decided it was pretty good with me up there because I my mounted neck massages aren't too shappy.

Dickie is about the age Bre was when I first got on her. She had many more miles under saddle but her turning wasn't a whole lot better. I hope I can install some power steering my 2010 model too :)

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  1. LOL! Chrome was hard going left too and it took me longer to figure out why my arm hurt LOL! I'm a little slow sometimes hehe.